Memorials Planning Guide

Below are articles to help you get answers to questions you may have about the purchase of your urn or other memorial product.

About Planning Guides

Planning and preparing for a cremation is never easy, whether it is your own or for a loved one. At OneWorld Memorials we strive to provide you with information to help ease your mind and aid in your journey. These planning guides were written in order to give answers to many common questions people may have: what is cremation? how do I plan for an ash scattering ceremony? what are cremation keepsakes?

We attempted to arrange them in a chronological order, in that after reading the first article Cremation: What is It?, the subsequent articles will be easier to understand. OneWorld Memorials acknowledges that people from all walks of life are at different points of preparing for a cremation; some may know they want their ashes scattered but don't know how to plan a ceremony, some may not know who will handle cremating the ashes, some may want to know if there are benefits given to help honor a veteran.

When planning for a cremation ceremony, it is important to know whether or not you want to have your ashes placed in a permanent cremation urn (usually made of marble or metal), a biodegradable, eco-friendly urn, or have your ashes dispersed during a scattering ceremony over land or water. The materials that make up the cremation urn should match your ideal cremation ceremony.

Did you want to share any of the cremated ash among friends and family? Cremation keepsakes usually hold between 1 and 10 cubic inches, and are an ideal way to divide the ashes among friends and family. Keepsakes even come in jewelry that can be worn with a person throughout their day.

As for yourself, there are several guides that can help plan your own cremation or funeral. Have you wondered how to donate your organs after your death? Do you want to talk to your doctor about end of life care, but don't know what to expect? While these topics may be uncomfortable, letting your loved ones know your wishes will help prevent arguments and allow for a smooth transition from cremation to cremation urn.

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