Pet Memorials

The pet memorials collection at OneWorld Memorials pays homage to your beloved furry friend. Browse our collection for a wide array of traditional and modern pet cremation urns. The selection is diverse and includes urns that frame a photo or others that can be engraved with a custom message, alongside personalized memorial markers that do not store ashes.

Traditional Cremation Urns for Pets

Browse our collection for traditional and modern urn styles for your pet’s cremated ashes. Find urns made of metal, wood, marble, ceramic or glass in a wide array of colors to suit the memory of your furry friend. Many selections include custom engraving while others offer the purchase of a separate base on which you can engrave your pet’s name or a personal message. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a brushed pewter urn accented with brass paw prints, the elegance of mother of pearl inlay or the sweet sentiment of a heart-shaped urn on a wooden stand, you’ll find a range of urn sizes and styles in our collection.

Statuary and Photo Pet Memorials

Make your tribute more personal with cremation urns that feature photos of your cherished pet. Browse cube urns and memory chests with a place to add a photo and ephemera from your pet such as a lock of fur or a collar so you can still see that adorable fuzzy face every day. Also find a variety of statuary cremation urns shaped like an animal in a variety of finishes, from bright patina to dramatic black. Some urns, such as cat-shaped ceramic, have bright glazed colors or patterns.

Personalized Plot Markers

If you’ve buried your pet or scattered their ashes in your garden or another green space, a personalized memorial marker can serve as a daily tribute to the love you shared. Find sturdy, hammered metal options in our collection that are coated to withstand the elements for many seasons to come. Customize your marker with your pet’s name, a date or another personal message to greet you from the yard or garden every day, just as that loving pet did. While you have a grave marker, you can also opt for a biodegradable urn that will help your pet return to the earth.

Honoring Your Beloved Companion

Keeping your pet’s cremated ashes at home can offer comfort after the loss of their physical presence, but it’s a personal decision pet owners make for themselves. Whether you decide to place the cremains in an urn, plant them with a tree, wear them in a piece of cremation jewelry or scatter them to the winds, OneWorld Memorials is committed to helping you create a fitting tribute to the unconditional love our pets give us every day. Options include urns, biodegradable solutions that can be buried, scattering urns, jewelry and planter urns.


Personalizing a keepsake with a professionally-etched engraving is one way to make a lasting memorial that can be appreciated for generations. Many of the urns in our collection can be personalized with an engraving to give it that extra sense of intimacy you desire. If you have any questions or need any help with your order, please contact OneWorld Memorials today for further assistance.

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