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cremation jewelry for ashes

Cremation jewelry has existed for centuries, inspired in part by the Victorian Era with Queen Victoria and her custom black jet jewelry that matched her black clothing. The evolution of memorial urns jewelry led to the development of modern day cremation jewelry for ash storage. This allows people to carry a small amount of the ash of their loved ones with them in a discreet, elegant manner in what appears to be a simple jewelry pendant.

Jewelry for ashes can reflect a passion or hobby of your deceased loved one or a personal sentiment you want to convey towards them. For some, pet cremation jewelry is a way to keep their beloved pet nearby. For others there are many themes for necklace urns such as Italian horn cremation pendants to keep away bad spirits. There are heart cremation necklaces as well nature themed designs and even sports themed necklaces to put ashes in.

Ash pendants and necklaces to hold ashes come in a variety of materials including gold, sterling silver, titanium, and stainless steel. They can be cleaned and cared for as any other piece of jewelry. Gold ranges from 14 karats to gold plated items. Sterling silver, stainless steel, and titanium are hypoallergenic and good cremation necklace alternatives for people with sensitive skin. Many of the urn pendants are designed with threaded screws that are placed on the underside or back of the pendant.

Cremation urn bracelets are also available for purchase. They are made of high grade titanium and can be worn alongside other bracelets or a watch. Titanium is hypoallergenic and the filling process for these beautiful pieces of jewelry is simple.

OneWorld Memorials always provides instructions on filling the urns cremation jewelry with ash, and we include a funnel and screwdriver to allow for easy access to the ash chamber. It is highly recommended by all manufacturers not submerge any cremation jewelry in water as the water may leak in.

OneWorld Memorials also carries several pendants that do not store ashes, but are engraved with beautiful quotes.

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