Bamboo Cremation Urns

Bamboo cremation urns are elegant and sustainable, making them the ideal choice for those that were concerned about the environment before their passing. Many of these bamboo urns are made of bamboo nan, which is an eco-friendly and abundant natural resource. OneWorld Memorials provides a variety of modest bamboo wood cremation urns to honor your loved one with and to securely hold their cremains. Depending on the finish, bamboo cremation urns can be biodegradable or permanent, offering flexibility that can't be found in other types of urns. Excellent to personalize with an engraving, honor the memory of your loved one with the natural beauty of bamboo wood cremation urns.

Go Green with Bamboo

Cremation is one of the most popular options in the funerary world and more people are putting thought into their post-mortem environmental impact than ever before. As a result, green burials have become a growing trend in recent years and there's no better way to achieve a green burial than with a bamboo urn. Whether it was your loved one’s wish to be kept in a bamboo urn or your own concerns for the environment, OneWorld Memorials is here to help with a selection of beautiful bamboo urns to choose from.

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