Checklist for Planning a Memorial Event or Life Celebration

Planning a ceremony begins with a primary decision. Will the event be a traditional memorial service or a more contemporary life celebration? The event name suggests a certain tone.
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Cremation vs. The Choice Not to Cremate

I have not come to terms with being wholly buried beneath the ground. It seems cold, dark and lonely. So when I finally sat down and thought about it, the choice to be cremated when I die was an easy decision. It led me to wonder, then, why would people choose not to be cremated?
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Is it safe to buy cremation jewelry online?

The Internet has opened a whole new world for shoppers. But with these new opportunities come new risks. You might ask yourself, how safe is online shopping, especially when it comes to buying a piece of jewelry? 

The answer is, it depends. Before you give your credit card number, read the five essential purchasing tips below. 

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Transferring Ashes to a Cremation Urn

The loss of a loved one brings unexpected challenges, such as the handling of a loved one’s ashes. This blog provides information on how to handle transferring ashes to an urn after cremation.

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Stunning Stained Glass Cremation Urns

Many people ask if it’s okay to keep cremation ashes at home. A stained glass cremation urn offers a lovely way to conceal and keep a loved one’s ashes at home. Read a brief history of stained glass, and what you can expect with a stained glass urn.
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Daily Grief Support from I Will Not Forget You Delivered Directly to Your Inbox.

Most of us look for a good book to read when we’re going through a traumatic life experience. Bereavement is no exception, but with this caveat: Individuals in the early stages of loss typically find themselves overwhelmed, disoriented, and incapable of focusing on anything that takes real concentration.
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An Elegant and Glamorous Cremation Urn

By mid-nineteenth century, cloisonné became a sought-after American import. Requiring skilled craftsmanship and a high degree of patience, cloisonné is an amazing value. Today, cloisonné cremation urns make an extraordinary final resting place for those who love to make a statement.
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Cryonics and End of Life Planning: Part Two

Nederland, Colorado is host to cryogenic proponent Bredo Morstoel, of Norway. Morstoel requested that he be preserved believing that he would be revived to live again in the future. When Morstoel died from a heart condition in 1989 his body was packed in dry ice and flown to the Trans Time cryonics facility in Oakland, California.
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Cryonics and End of Life Planning: Part One

“Dying well” can be challenging. Throw in the possibility of not dying, and it becomes more complex. Now people are making plans to have their bodies preserved at sub-zero temperatures until future medical science has advanced and their bodies can be restored to life.
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How Do I Select the Right Size Cremation Urn?

On most cremation urn websites, you’ll find an ashes urn sized by its dimensions and cubic inches. Height and width are easy enough. But imagine ashes in a one-inch cube and you’re not any closer to choosing the right size urn in cubic inches. Exactly how do cubic inches line up with the amount of cremation ashes?
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OneWorld Memorials' Cremation Urn and Memorials Showroom Opens

Located at 2225 University Avenue West, St. Paul, Minnesota, the showroom officially opened for business in January 2017.
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Choosing an Epitaph for a Cremation Urn or Cremation Pendant

Did you know that an inscription or engraving can be added to a cremation urn or a cremation pendant? Known as “epitaphs,” these short phrases or words are used to remember someone we love who has died. The use of epitaphs has been traced as far back as approximately 200 AD.
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