An Elegant and Glamorous Cremation Urn

By mid-nineteenth century, cloisonné became a sought-after American import. Requiring skilled craftsmanship and a high degree of patience, cloisonné is an amazing value. Today, cloisonné cremation urns make an extraordinary final resting place for those who love to make a statement.
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Cryonics and End of Life Planning: Part Two

Nederland, Colorado is host to cryogenic proponent Bredo Morstoel, of Norway. Morstoel requested that he be preserved believing that he would be revived to live again in the future. When Morstoel died from a heart condition in 1989 his body was packed in dry ice and flown to the Trans Time cryonics facility in Oakland, California.
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Cryonics and End of Life Planning: Part One

“Dying well” can be challenging. Throw in the possibility of not dying, and it becomes more complex. Now people are making plans to have their bodies preserved at sub-zero temperatures until future medical science has advanced and their bodies can be restored to life.
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How Do I Select the Right Size Cremation Urn?

On most cremation urn websites, you’ll find an ashes urn sized by its dimensions and cubic inches. Height and width are easy enough. But imagine ashes in a one-inch cube and you’re not any closer to choosing the right size urn in cubic inches. Exactly how do cubic inches line up with the amount of cremation ashes?
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OneWorld Memorials' Cremation Urn and Memorials Showroom Opens

Located at 2225 University Avenue West, St. Paul, Minnesota, the showroom officially opened for business in January 2017.
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Choosing an Epitaph for a Cremation Urn or Cremation Pendant

Did you know that an inscription or engraving can be added to a cremation urn or a cremation pendant? Known as “epitaphs,” these short phrases or words are used to remember someone we love who has died. The use of epitaphs has been traced as far back as approximately 200 AD.
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A Cremation Urn Designed for a Valentine

Valentine’s Day can be especially lonely when we have lost someone we love. Holiday festivities without a loved one can be empty and lack meaning. Not only is the accompanying emotion absent, it has been replaced with a broken heart.  

Many families have created a tradition in order to reconstruct a holiday with a new narrative. They remember their loved ones and celebrate their lives on holidays and special occasions. They visit cemeteries to place flowers on birthdays or a wreath on Memorial Day. Some purchase a new cremation urn each year to celebrate the love of a deceased family member or pet.

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Heart Keepsake Cremation Urns Honor the Heart’s Powerful Dimensions

The early Egyptians realized the connection between the heart, life, death, and eternal life. Today across cultures, the heart symbolizes love.

The powerful, yet gentle symbol of provides a source of strength. The prevalent phrase, “love conquers all,” comes to mind. Kindness, compassion, and a deep and enduring love for those close to us are also captured within the realm of a heart’s symbolism.

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Wooden Cremation Boxes and Cremation Urns

If you gain distinct pleasure in the natural beauty, warmth, and grain of wood, you’ll appreciate a variety of woods represented in the range of wooden cremation urns and boxes. Each wood possesses distinct qualities. In this blog, we explore three ways to choose a wooden cremation urn.
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A Living Memorial Celebration

Would you like to attend your own memorial celebration? The idea might sound thrilling, or possibly depressing. An increasing number of people are throwing an end of life party before they die.
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Funny Epitaphs for Cremation Urns and Cemetery Stones

At OneWorld Memorials, we are often asked for epitaph suggestions, especially for urns for adult ashes. Sometimes a customer wants something that will elicit a smile. In our research we've found that humor and loss are not uncommon. Even messages on gravestones range from the serious to the downright hilarious.
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7 Answers to determine when your cremation urn will arrive

Are you coordinating the arrival of a cremation urn with a memorial service, or other logistics? Too often shipping details are left until “checkout” to figure out. But knowing when you’ll receive the urn when selecting your shipping option helps to ensure the choice will fit your schedule. 
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