Urn Accessories

Sometimes a cremation urn is the perfect fit, the design, size and material is exactly what you have in mind for your loved one. However, some urns cannot be personalized with engraving due to their design or material. One option for marking your urn with the proper memorial is to add an engraved pendant or a base with an engraved plaque. The inscription can be simple, with just a name and dates of life, or it can include a phrase, tribute or even an image that characterizes your loved one. Urn accessories can help us create more perfect memorials to help fill not only our wish but our heart. Personalization is an important part of the urn purchase for some people, and there are many ways to make that happen.

When cremation ashes are placed in an urn to be buried or scattered, you may want or need accessories to preserve the cremains or make the occasion special. Urn vaults are used for protection when burying an ash container and ensures it will stay intact for a very long time. OneWorld Memorials even provides heartfelt accessories such as biodegradable scattering butterflies, which have become very popular during ash scattering ceremonies.

While some of these items are "extra," they go a long way to make you cremation urn and tribute to your loved one special.

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