Condolence Gifts

Condolence gifts are a way to tell grieving friends or family that you are thinking of them that goes beyond words.

Q: What Is a Condolence Gift?

A: A condolence or sympathy gift is a gift that one may present to a friend or family member after losing someone they love. Generally, these gifts are meant to provide a memorial for their lost loved one and are often beautiful ways to preserve the lost loved one's memory.

Q: What Are Good Condolence Gifts Other Than Flowers?

A: Other than flowers, options for condolence gifts include candles, sculptures, sympathy gift baskets, memory boxes, keepsakes and candle holders.

Q: What Do You Put in a Sympathy Gift Basket?

A: Sympathy gift baskets are opportunities to personalize a condolence gift for someone close to you, so don't be afraid to be creative when it comes to options. Common choices are flowers, mementos, candles, pictures and sculptures, but you can also include personal items or candy. Due to the personal nature of the sympathy gift basket, don't be afraid to choose uncommon options, as they are designed to show your care.

Q: Do Sympathy and Condolence Gifts Hold Ashes?

A: Some sympathy gifts are designed to hold ashes, but others will hold candles or photographs. It is important to check with the recipient of the gift if they would like a cremation keepsake, due to the personal nature of these items.

Q: What Are Memory Boxes?

A: Memory boxes or chests are containers designed to hold items of a personal nature after a loved one has been lost. These can include everything from necklaces to photographs to small trinkets. Memory boxes make fantastic sympathy gifts, as they are good places for people to memorialize their lost loved ones.

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