Condolence Gifts

Condolence gifts are a way to tell grieving friends or family that you are thinking of them that goes beyond words. Even when you are unable to be with them during a difficult time, a sympathy gift can convey your care and concern. It is a gesture of love and support.

Our selection of sympathy gifts offers you ways to express your condolences with unique and varied options. Our memorial gifts include memory lamps, memory boxes, photo holders, and other gift items appropriate for the occasion.

Beyond the traditional gift offerings, memory lamps have become very popular over the last few years. These small lamps, made of decorative stained glass, can be used in a special place at home beside a photo or in a favorite sitting spot. Instead of lighting a candle each day the memory lamp provides a long-lasting memorial light. As one customer commented, “Much better than flowers. Turn the light on and memories come flooding out. I love mine.”

There is solace in the ritual of lighting a candle, and a comfort to many. We carry many varieties of lovely candle holders made of stone, stained glass, ceramic, and other materials that brighten any room, bringing a flicker of light and color into the home.

Memory boxes have long been a popular way of preserving memories. Explore our collection of wooden memory boxes as well as boxes made of glass and ceramic.

Options for your condolence gift selection

Candle holder options:

  • Materials such as stone, stained glass, ceramic, resin, and metal
  • Tealight candles are used in most of the candle holders, but several use LED lighting. One variety uses oil and a wick.
  • Personalizing: many of the candles allow for engraving on the holder.

Memory Lamp options:

  • Various sizes
  • Some lamps allow for a small amount of cremation ash or other small memento to be stored in the base. Go to, Keepsake Memory Lamps to see our selection of these.
  • Materials available are stained glass, mercury, and stone
  • Personalization: Most of the memory lamps have an add-on option of an engravable base.

Memory Box options:

  • Various sizes. The smallest can be held in the palm of the hand.
  • Materials include beautifully crafted wood, plain, lacquered, inlay or glass boxes.
  • Some memory boxes are large enough to hold an adult sized rectangular shaped urn.
  • A few of the memory boxes contain a tray as well as a larger compartment for mementos, keepsakes or a rectangular urn.
  • Many of the memory boxes can be personalized with engraving on the item or on a plaque that can be attached to the box.

For more information and a unique perspective on gift giving during a time of loss, please read our online article, Unique Sympathy and Condolence Gifts.

Our gift items can also be gift wrapped on request for an additional $5 by adding this option separately in your order: GIFT WRAPPING

If you have questions about any of our bereavement gifts, or would like our help ordering, please call us. Our attentive staff will help you with your selection. Please do not hesitate to call us at 1-844-671-9744 during business hours, M-F 8 AM – 5 PM, CST. You can also contact us online here with any question. We are here to help.

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