Keepsakes & Urns with Roses and Other Flowers

Flowers make us happy. With all of their beautiful colors and shapes, it’s no wonder why we love receiving flowers and floral gifts. Of course, we love floral designs just as much, and something about a bright blossom on an urn or keepsake item inspires us to think about the good times we spent with the deceased. Honor the memory of your loved one with a beautiful flower urn or keepsake from OneWorld Memorials. Floral urns and urns with roses painted on them are some of the most popular on the market and our selection of stunning urns are perfect for display in the home or columbarium. The floral urns and cremation memorial roses you’ll find in this collection are designed with metal for longevity, durability and beauty.

The beauty of a floral design is one that transcends time. Flowers have always been an important symbol to us, especially when we lose a loved one. We purchase flowers for urns and graves and bring bouquets to funerals. These floral-designed urns and cremation keepsake flowers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flowers depicted, ranging from roses and carnations to lotuses. Discover the metal flowers and floral urns that will honor your loved one’s memory and be visible and safe wherever you prefer.

When choosing an urn or keepsake, it's important to take the materials into account. A ceramic urn cannot be customized, but many of our metal options may be. Plaques and charms can be added to urns to leave a message, a name or a special epithet. If you need inspiration on what to add to your urn, take a look at our blog post Personalized Urns for Ashes - Heartfelt Expressions.

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