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Metal Cremation Urns: Brass leads the way

In our study of cremation urn purchases, brass and other metal urns for ashes are by far the most popular. The reasons are clear: metal urns are durable, decorative and are some of the most affordable urns for ashes on the market. The largest share of metals used for traditional metal cremation vessels are brass and aluminum. The coatings, etching and painting of the various metal urn styles are what distinguishes one from the other.

For instance, there are religious themed urns like the Celtic Cross Cremation Urn which has the beloved cross icon beautifully etched into the body. Or for those who like the idea of soaring into the heavens there is the very popular Going Home Elite Cremation Urn which depicts doves flying into the sky. The doves are etched into the metal and carefully colored resulting in a heart lifting scene.

Metal cremation urns are also engraving friendly. Many people today want to personalize their memorial urn with their loved one’s name and a saying. Most of our metal urns allow for engraving on its surface. For urns that already have substantial artwork we offer engravable metal pendants that can be placed around the urn’s neck for an elegant presentation.

What many people aren't aware of is that the majority of metal urns are all handmade. The production is a craft handed down for centuries and still meticulously done by skilled artisans. Select from our collection of metal urns and you will understand what a treasure they are as a resting place for your loved one.

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