Cremation Keepsakes

The cremation keepsakes collection at OneWorld Memorials offers an array of unique options for memorializing your loved one. Discover beautiful ways to preserve cremation ashes while honoring their individuality with photo frames, lamps, figurines and other selections in our collection. Personalize your choice with custom engraving that offers the comfort of words in a time of loss. Share ashes with loved ones by offering each person a keepsake.

Cremation Urns and Boxes

An urn is the most traditional vessel for cremation ashes. Browse our collection for an array of sizes, materials and styles that go beyond basic, including options handmade of marble, wood, ceramic, stone and metal. For a slightly more discreet memorial, choose boxes from our collection that offer a more modern feel. Find wooden boxes that are simply minimalist or embellished with carvings or inlays, alongside whimsical marble boxes that evoke fond memories of sharing time with your loved one.

Figurines and Paperweights

Find comfort in the perfection of a single rose, the lightness of a perched bird or the image of an angel with cremation keepsake figurines in our collection. Whether it’s a miniature replica of Michelangelo’s Pieta sculpture, a simple heart shape engraved with your loved one’s name or a lively purple butterfly keepsake, our collection includes a wide array of objects to pay homage to your loved one’s personality.

Photo Frames and Clocks

Photographs are memories captured in time. Choose photo frames from our collection to hold both an image of happier days together and some of their cremains for a meaningful keepsake. Find wood and ceramic options that include a small compartment for ashes. For a reminder that our time in this life is limited, opt for a stylish desk clock as a fitting memorial to those who are gone from our lives much too quickly.

Candleholders and Lamps

Your loved one lit up your world. Light up your memories of them with unique candleholder or lamp keepsakes that add a warm glow to your home. Choose from luminous stained-glass options and weighty marble selections that keep the flames of love alive whenever you flip a switch or strike a match.


Personalizing a keepsake with professionally etched engraving creates a lasting memorial that can be appreciated for generations. Many of the ash keepsakes in our collection can be personalized with engraving that commemorates your loved one in special and unique ways. Read more about the use of cremation keepsakes in our article Cremation Keepsakes: A Perfect Way to Share Ashes.

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