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cremation keepsake urns

Cremation keepsakes and mementos have existed for centuries as a means of keeping reminders of your loved one with you at all times. The modern day equivalent of a memento mori is a cremation keepsake. Cremation keepsakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, usually holding up to 3 or 5 cubic inches or less of cremated ash.

Although keepsake urns were designed to hold cremated ashes, other items such as hair, flower petals and dirt from a memorial ceremony may also be placed inside these keepsakes. For storing larger memorial items and keepsakes, OneWorld Memorials offers a selection of memory chests and trinket boxes. The size and variety of keepsake urns allows for families and friends to share the cremated ash of their loved one in a way that is special to them with a keepsake that best suits their needs.

OneWorld Memorials also supplies a wide range of cremation jewelry, which are a type of keepsake built into necklace pendants and bracelets that allow for nominal ash storage (usually up to 1 cubic inch). These jewelry pieces are professionally made out of the highest grade materials, such as sterling silver, titanium, and gold.

The popularity of mini cremation urns is in part due to families desire to share a portion of the ashes with other family members. Many keepsake urns are a miniature version of the larger adult size urn, so one family member will hold the large urn while the others hold on to the mini urn, which looks identical to the large urn. Most keepsakes can be personalized with engraving to make it unique for the memorial.

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