Ceramic Cremation Urns

Cremation and burial urns come in several different materials, but they don't all serve the same purpose. For example, if you want a sustainable option for burial, you may consider a biodegradable urn that won't harm the environment. For display purposes, however, a ceramic urn makes a lot of sense. Ceramic cremation urns are some of the most popular types of cremation urns at OneWorld Memorials™ because they are the perfect combination of style, size, meaning and price point. We have a large selection of ceramic cremation urns to choose from in styles that have been imported from across the world. Whether you love the look and significance of an Asian-inspired ceramic urn or prefer something more minimalistic for your modern design aesthetic, you can find it in our selection.

A Distinguished History of Ceramic Funeral Urns

The ceramic cremation urns we see today are direct descendants of those first developed thousands of years ago to hold the ashes of the fallen. Cremation and burial remains a key part of society and culture around the globe. Ancient cultures used ceramic cremation urns in their funeral rites regularly. From a historic perspective, ancient ceramic urns are a rare glimpse into global cultural history, telling a story about what life was like at a time when the deceased passed away. For millennia, ceramic urns have been molded and crafted, designed and painted using the same methods artisans use in the present day. The durability, adaptability and beauty of these urns have ushered ceramic funeral urns into a rarefied category: a precious art form that remains both current and functional to this day. Ceramic cremation urns for ashes offer a secure resting place for a loved one in the home, office or columbarium.

A Deep Dive Into Clay and Ceramic Urns

Ceramic cremation vases, handcrafted from clay, remain an interesting connection to history and to the earth. Clay is an abundant natural resource found all over the world, making it a sustainable option that holds up to time more so than a biodegradable urn. Ceramic as a material provides some of the most original and artistic urns for ashes available on the market today. Not only is the use of ceramics an ancient art, but unlike cremation urns of metal, ceramic can also be uniquely shaped and colored. Generally speaking, ceramic and clay urns tend to be far more patterned or ornate than other types of urns, making them both functional and decorative.

A Display Worthy of Your Loved One's Memory

In our modern times, porcelain and ceramic funeral cremation urns allow for an alternative to metal permanent urns as they are sturdy, waterproof and can be sealed with adhesive. Some prefer a one-of-a-kind funeral urn that is also affordable, and ceramic funeral urns lead the way. Ceramic urns are also delicate and quite decorative, so they work best for interior display rather than burial or an outdoor monument. OneWorld Memorials™ offers an impressive assortment of ceramic urns in a wide variety of sizes ranging from small to extra-large to accommodate human or pet ashes.

Look for these ceramic urn styles when you browse our website:

  • Asian inspired designs
  • Animal motifs such as  delicate birds
  • Nature themes of leaves, trees, and flowers
  • Musical motifs
  • Butterflies and dragonflies
  • Religious or spiritual symbols
  • Hearts
  • Contemporary and modern designs

Our ceramic urns are available in a rainbow of colors, so they can be as prominent or subtle as you would like when displayed on a shelf, fireplace mantle or tabletop. From rustic to refined, these ceramic urns for ashes are an ideal way to preserve the memory of those people or pets that are so near and dear to you. OneWorld Memorials ™ also offers engravable urn medallions, plaques, ornaments and bases for personal messages and sentiments to your loved one. These customization options are yet another way you can create a lasting memory for those whose memories remain in your heart and mind.

Artisan Ceramic Funeral Urn Pottery

OneWorld Memorials™ also provides a special selection of artisan cremation pottery. These ceramic urns for sale are one-of-a-kind and handcrafted with skill and love. There are many wonderful and talented artists creating ceramic and porcelain cremation urns that are both functional and works of art, such as our line of unique artisan urns made by Michelle Kaisersatt. Michelle's work is well known for its depth of feeling and design throughout the Minnesota area, where the headquarters of OneWorld Memorials™ is located. We work with numerous artists to offer distinguished choices for those who are looking beyond the traditional cremation container urn style. They are intermixed in the selection of ceramic urns we offer to provide you with a choice of urn that best suits your needs.

OneWorld Memorials™ understands that time is of the essence when you order with us. We have complimentary shipping for orders over $50 in the continental United States, and we even offer express shipping for a surcharge. We back every order with our price-match and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please reach out to our customer care staff with any questions you have, and we will assist you with the professionalism and compassion you deserve during this difficult time.

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