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Veterns Funeral Benefits - Everything You Need to Know

If a veteran dies, who pays for the funeral? Who qualifies for free cremation for veterans? The answers are somewhat complex, so let's explore veterans' funeral benefits in greater detail....
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Comparing Different Types of Cremation Urns

It can be overwhelming to determine the best type of urn to use following the loss of a loved one. The different types of urns offer different benefits, and many...
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20 Unique Final Messages for a Custom Urn

Losing a loved one can be an incredibly difficult process. Many find it difficult to imagine saying goodbye to a person who meant the world to them, and memorializing those...
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Difference Between Memorial & Celebration of Life

Planning a ceremony begins with a primary decision. Will the event be a traditional memorial service or a more contemporary life celebration? The event name suggests a certain tone.
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OneWorld Memorials Explains the Meaning of the Italian Horn

An Italian horn is said to offer protection. The Italian Horn Pendant keepsake has found its niche in the cremation jewelry industry. 
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How to Travel with & Transport Cremated Ashes

There are a number of issues to consider in transporting cremated human remains that require advance planning and informed decisions. The key is to plan ahead by knowing your postal...
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How Does it Feel to Keep an Urn for Ashes in the Home?

Keeping cremains in the home is a personal decision. The topic invites thoughtful consideration as to the every-day presence of a loved one who has passed. How might that feel? 
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Keeping Ashes in the Home: Comfort, Conflict or Compromise?

For some, keeping a loved-one’s cremated remains in the home can bring great comfort to the survivors. For others, seeing a cremation urn every day can cause undue stress and prolonged...
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Choosing a Burial Cremation Urn

Burial urns, or funeral urns, are designed to hold ashes in a manner that is respectful and aesthetically pleasing. The urn is often a focal point, such as during traditional...
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Burying Ashes With a Memorial Tree or in a Remembrance Garden

If you’ve lost a loved one whose passion was gardening, or a pet who loved digging in the garden, consider giving their cremation ashes a natural burial. The process isn’t...
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Cremation in Relation to Religious and Spiritual Traditions, Part I

The Cremation Association of North America predicts that by 2025, 65.2 percent of deaths will result in cremation. Choosing cremation or a traditional burial is often linked to religious beliefs and practices,...
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Threshold Choirs

One day when I shared a personal story with Kathy, my friend at work, she confided that she is a threshold singer, part of a choir that sings at the...
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