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Mother & Child Cremation Jewelry

The loss of a child is known to cause parents immense grief and can only be understood by those who have experienced it. Below we offer a few valuable resources for parents and memorial ideas for consideration.
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10 Outstanding Holiday Gifts for Someone Experiencing Loss and Loneliness

Holiday prep tends to be riddled with extra to-do lists and overall busy-ness. Too often checking off holiday tasks takes priority over pausing to check in with your kindness-register. But the holidays present a tender time for those who have experienced a recent lost. The void they might be feeling, often accentuated by the holidays, offers an invitation for an expression of your caring and kindness. 
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Memorial Plots and Ashes Interment: Are We Running Out of Room?

Many people today are aware of unsustainable population growth and the problems it presents. But is there a problem with the burial of this same populace? The answer is yes.
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Resilient, Graceful Bamboo Urns

Choosing an urn for a loved one is a thoughtful decision, involving both heart and mind. In addition to the appearance and functional qualities of the urn, it is also meaningful to consider the symbolism and source of the materials used, and the working conditions of the artisans making the urns. Bamboo urns invite interest in the culture of Vietnam where they are produced.

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How To Care For Your Cremation Jewelry

A heartfelt decision, such as choosing a piece of cremation jewelry, is often made with considerable thought. With a portion of ashes secured in a pendant or bracelet of significance and beauty, it’s a way to hold a loved one close. All bracelets and pendants for ashes require special handling beginning with adding the ashes to cremation jewelry. It's also important not to submerge the piece in water. But a piece of sterling silver or gold jewelry requires detailed treatment in polishing.
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Burying Ashes With a Memorial Tree or In a Remembrance Garden

If you’ve lost a loved one whose passion was gardening, or a pet who loved digging in the garden, consider giving their cremation ashes a natural burial. The process isn’t much more complicated than planting a tree or garden as normal. You can incorporate a biodegradable cremation urn for ashes or a scattering tube in the planting.
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Urn Vaults – What are Vaults for Urns and Why Use One?

Did you know that most cemeteries require a cremation urn vault to protect a burial urn or urns against shifting soil, moisture, and the weight of the earth? These elements have the power to cause the ground to cave in. In addition, cemeteries use heavy maintenance equipment that could inadvertently damage an unprotected urn. Urn vaults protect the cremation urns in all of these scenarios. 
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What Would Your Memorial or Celebration of Life Look Like?

Let life's inspiration guide you to create a life celebration that will be appreciated and meaningful to your survivors. You might be surprised to feel the satisfaction of knowing you relieved your survivors of the worry of “getting it right” and that you poured the truest “you” into your afterlife celebration plans. 
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Paranormal Activity - Do Cremation Ashes Invite Spirits to Stay Around Home?

It is more common than you might think for families to be uncertain about where to display, bury, or scatter the ashes of a loved one. 

There are countless ways to care for cremation ashes. But what happens when months, years, or even generations go by, and the ashes remain in the closet?

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How To Fill Cremation Jewelry

We are often asked how to fill a jewelry urn with a loved one’s ashes. The process is simple, but quite different than that of filling a large display cremation urn. 
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Dignified Elephant Cremation Urns

Since ancient times, elephants have captured the fascination of human beings. Their astounding intelligence, as observed in their sophisticated communication, mourning rituals and deep sense of family ties, fascinates the minds and hearts of many. It is no surprise that elephant cremation urns are a pleasing option for families who have chosen cremation and are now at the point of narrowing down their selection.
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Memorial Photos, Keepsakes, and Life-like Wakes

Ever heard of mourning photography? Your grandparents most likely knew of it as a common practice. It wasn’t all that long ago that we routinely photographed the dead to create a memorial keepsake.
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