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Guardian of Cremation Keepsakes: Keeping ashes at home

Are you keeping ashes in the house? Perhaps it’s what your loved one wanted, or what you decided. What will happen to the cardboard box, or the cherished keepsake urn,...
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Capture a Moment in a Memory Box

Throughout our lives we create memories. Starting from birth all the way to death – moments are celebrated, grieved, and shared – moments become memories and inform our future. Poignant and...
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Cremation Jewelry: A discreet cremation urn, or conversation piece?

Over many years, various ways of memorializing a loved one have taken shape. With the increase in cremation, cremation jewelry has become a fashionable way to keep a deceased loved...
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Sports Cremation Urns Dedicated to the Fan

Urns have come a long way from the traditionally somber vessels often associated with memorial cremation urns. I’ve discovered that one of the most popular of the current styles is...
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Titanium Cremation Jewelry and Other Innovative Materials

Designers are expanding the concept of a traditional urn for ashes as new materials are explored. Titanium has become a popular choice for cremation jewelry. Silicone rubber and carbon fibers...
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Choosing a Burial Cremation Urn

Burial urns, or funeral urns, are designed to hold ashes in a manner that is respectful and aesthetically pleasing. The urn is often a focal point, such as during traditional...
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Urn Jewelry: Keepsakes to Treasure

Throughout the ages, memorial keepsakes have been emotionally significant in remembering those we have lost. In earlier generations, often a bit of the deceased’s hair was placed in a locket and...
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Stories of Cremation Urns for Mom

What to do with your mom’s ashes? There are as many answers to this question as there are people! As our stories illustrate, there are countless ways to honor your mom,...
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Memorial Keepsake Jewelry for Men

On cursory examination of our own experiences, most of us may conclude that yes, men do manifest their grief in ways dissimilar to their female counterparts. They may tend to...
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This Little Light of Mine – A Cherished Memory Lamp

Memories coupled with the gentle light of a lamp ground us in comfort. When I think of light, it’s the promise of a new day. A new beginning. And hope...
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When is the best time to buy a cremation urn?

The best time to buy a cremation urn varies depending on answers to a few questions. One advantage of cremation is that the urgency to quickly buy an urn and organize...
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Difference Between Memorial & Celebration of Life

Planning a ceremony begins with a primary decision. Will the event be a traditional memorial service or a more contemporary life celebration? The event name suggests a certain tone.
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