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How I Want to be Buried, Cremated, or Composted

When it comes to death, we have a much broader range of options than ever before. And we can choose options that express not only the way we’ve lived, but...
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What about Pet Cremation Urns for Large and Small Animals?

A family pet, often thought of as a dog or cat, can also include a horse, bird or even a hamster or snake. Pet memorial services offer a dignified way...
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5 Questions to Ask About Cremation

We have culled a few of the most common questions about cremation. Answers to questions such as how the body is prepared to the storage of cremains in cremation urns,...
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How Much do Cremation Urns Cost?

Options abound in the retail world of cremation urns. We find that customers often choose an urn because of its aesthetic appeal, and where the urn will reside, as well...
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Choosing a Medium-sized Cremation Urn

By 2020 the cremation rate in the U.S. is expected to rise to 54.3 percent. The idea of a “one size fits all” cremation urn doesn’t make the grade. In...
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Considering an epitaph for a cremation urn

Epitaphs of every type remain an important mainstay in modern funerary culture. But how can personal sentiments be incorporated on a memorial urn or a cremation necklace for ashes when these pieces...
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Faux Pas, Spirits, and Keeping Cremated Ashes in the Home

I’ve run into people who wonder if it’s bad luck to keep ashes at home. Maybe that depends on whether you believe in spirits, and if they're considered good or bad...
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How to Travel with & Transport Cremated Ashes

There are a number of issues to consider in transporting cremated human remains that require advance planning and informed decisions. The key is to plan ahead by knowing your postal...
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The Ubiquitous Heart in Cremation Necklaces

Many classical and medieval philosophers and scientists, including Aristotle and the Roman physician Galen, considered the heart as the seat of thought, reason or emotion. The Stoics taught that the...
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Song Dynasty-Inspired Oriental Cremation Urns

Ceramic aesthetics of design and motif from the Song Dynasty have stood the test of time. They are classic, yet highly regarded today for their pleasing appearance and effect.
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Why Choose a Cremation Urn Made with Resin?

Urns for human ashes or pet ashes are available in styles to suit almost any taste. Large or small, simple or ornate. Traditional and contemporary cremation urns come in a variety...
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Bring Your Ashes to the Edge of Space

Let’s face it, how many of us are going to get invited by NASA to have our cremated ashes loaded on a space ship to be launched into the far reaches of...
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