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Ethics and the choice of cremation

The funerary and cremation industries place great emphasis on providing ethical services for the deceased and their families. Imagine the horror then, if on the day of your mom’s funeral, you were notified by the funeral home that a mistake was made. Your mom was accidentally cremated.
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The Definition of Biodegradable Urns Includes Creative & Cool

The definition of a biodegradable urn is a cremation urn that is organic, capable of decomposing naturally, and is considered safe for the environment. The production of a biodegradable urn employs eco-friendly substances.

We believe that biodegradable urns aren't only environmentally friendly. They can also be cool - as in a creative design. But what good is cool if there's no interest. We've found the demand is on the rise for these specialized urns made to decompose in the earth or water. 

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Our Recipe for Choosing a Cremation Urn Successfully and Avoiding 6 “Oops”

Mistakes happen. The chocolate chip cookie is a great example. It was created in 1930 by accident. But choosing a cremation urn for a loved one’s ashes is a choice we’d like to get right the first time. It is a heartfelt and thoughtful process that, when completed, can be followed by a sense of comfort.
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Spirits: How Do World Religions View Spirits and Afterlife?

In Part I, "Spirits: Are They Near?" we took a look at experiences of people who have communicated with spirits. In this Part II of II, we take a look at spirits and afterlife through the lens of various world religions. And we ask about the consequences of cremation on the soul and afterlife.
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Spirits: Are they Near?

Perhaps terminal patients really are in touch with spirits who have crossed over. Is it possible that we might also communicate with our loved ones’ spirits?  Are there levels to the afterlife through which we can continue to grow after passing?  Few subjects have fascinated or confounded more than these seemingly simple questions.

What is after we pass on?  What happens during the process of dying? And is it truly a barrier?  

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Cremation Jewelry: Carrying A Loved One Close

A beloved has passed away – and now a noticeable absence is a constant presence. Can such a void be filled? No. But perhaps an enduring connection can be honored and expressed. For those who've chosen cremation, a very small portion of a loved one’s ashes can be kept in jewelry.
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The Unique Loss of a Life Partner: 4 Universal Issues

The death of anyone we love is devastating.  But when it comes to dealing with grief, the loss of a life partner presents unique challenges. Here are four of the most universal issues shared by grieving widows and widowers:
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2017 A Year in Review: Cremation in the News

With 2017 now behind us, so begins our entry into the pungent notes of winter’s breath. The air in many homes is still sharp with the scent of sweet pine. In other homes, menorah candles have been put away. And in still others, Kwanzaa is coming to a close. The welcoming of a new year is an opportunity for reflection. For some, it may be a time for change. For others, it’s a time to look back over events of the last year. Here, we’ve gathered a few notable events of 2017 in relation to cremation.
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Celebrating a Loved One's Life With Asian Cremation Urns

East Asian attitudes about life’s final cycle often reflect nature’s existential and timeless mysteries. In contrast to the ancient techniques of symbolic expressions, the popularity of cremation has only recently grown in Chinese culture. In 2016 The Telegraph reported that the cremation rate reached 49.5 percent in China in 2012, up from 33.7 in 1996. As more East Asians accept the concept of cremation, their ancient symbolism is expressed in various forms offering comfort and meaning. Many flowers, animals, numbers, and linguistic characters contain delicate subtext. Specific symbols adorn Chinese-inspired cremation urns.
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Cremation Jewelry – Is It Cool or Creepy?

Wearing jewelry as a way to cherish a lost loved one is not a new contemporary ritual. Turns out the idea has been around for a while. As early as the 14th century, mourning rings were popular. Today there is a resurgence in the prevalence of memorial jewelry.
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Keeping Pet Ashes at Home After Pet Cremation

Every day, someone just like me loses a part of their heart to the Rainbow Bridge. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird or a horse, our primary wish is to provide a memorable resting place as tribute to all of the years of love our pet gave.
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The American Way of Death

In 1837 a new technology, called the Daguerreotype, allowed a bereaved family to memorialize their dead in a lasting homage. Though viewed as macabre today, families sometimes elected to have a “death photograph” taken.

Americans today have choices on how their remains will be handled and memorialized. 

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