Keep Your Loved Ones Close: Why Cremation Jewelry is Popular

You may already be familiar with cremation jewelry, or you may have heard of it at some point. Perhaps you've even considered it as a future option or are considering purchasing a piece to keep the cremains of a loved one close. No matter your experience with cremation jewelry, it is important to understand just what these unique urns are and why they've become so popular. At OneWorld Memorials, we're here to walk you through this information.

What is Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is designed with a cavity that holds a small amount of cremation ashes. This is usually accomplished by sealing the cavity with a screw which can be attached to the end of the pendant or hidden discretely in the back. Cremation jewelry is often quite small and is meant to hold a nominal amount ashes, while the remainder are held in a larger urn, scattered or buried. Cremation jewelry allows you to bring your lost loved one wherever you go, making it a source of comfort for many. Cremation jewelry can be clear and discrete - with many options that showcase the urn and many others that hide the fact that it is an urn.

What Types of Cremation Jewelry Are There?

Cremation jewelry comes in many different forms, but predominantly pendants are used. You may find the occasional bracelet or necklace, but due to the need for a cavity for the cremains to be kept in, pendants are most popular. The material used for this type of jewelry can also range greatly - traditionally, stainless steel or sterling silver are most popular due to their ability to withstand extended use, but you may find options in gold or other precious metals. Sometimes, the cremains are kept in a glass pendant with a type of metal wrapped around it. Prices for cremation jewelry can range from as low as $60 to as high as $2,100, depending on the metal and the construction of the jewelry itself.

What Makes Cremation Jewelry So Popular?

So now that you know what cremation jewelry is, what makes it so popular as an urn? While cremation jewelry urns themselves are relatively new on the market, memorial jewelry has been a popular practice since the 17th century. Eventually, this grew to include pendants that would hold some element of that lost loved one, be it a lock of hair, cremation ashes or something else. Many find the idea of being able to bring a memory of their lost loved one with them wherever they go to be a source of comfort.

Today, cremation jewelry has grown rapidly in popularity. As cremation jewelry only requires a small amount of ashes, it can leave room for other options for the remainder. Many pieces of cremation jewelry can be used for a single individual's cremated remains, meaning that there's less difficulty deciding how to divide ashes. It also allows for scattering ashes while keeping a portion of your lost loved one's ashes without the need for a larger urn. Whatever your reasoning, cremation jewelry is a unique option for many that is worth considering if you desire to keep your lost loved one close. Discover OneWorld Memorial's collection of cremation jewelry for beautiful options.

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