Beyond Cremation Urns: A Grand Finale

By Linda Banks

Photo by David Carter Photography

Cremation urns provide a great deal of flexibility for memorializing a loved one. But now people are using a ceremony that is nothing short of celebratory - fireworks. Fireworks are traditionally the most dramatic, exciting way to celebrate any event.  They make every occasion more memorable.  The grand finale of a fireworks display on July 4th marks the celebration of our country’s independence with a bang. Recently, fireworks are being used to help celebrate the life of someone who has passed away.    

Cremation ashes made into fireworks?

There are several companies that will incorporate a portion of the cremated remains into aerial firework displays.  Heavens Above Fireworks will conduct professional firework displays at your memorial service, or they will prepare individual rockets using a portion of cremated remains that you can fire yourself.  Not all of the remains are used, and families can choose to bury or scatter what is left, or share them with family members in keepsake urns or cremation jewelry.  Greenlawn Funeral Home in Springfield, Missouri, even offers fireworks packages.

Can cremation fireworks be done on the beach?

Angels Flight, located in Castaic, California will conduct firework displays at memorial services on the beach or from a boat in the ocean.  Prices range from a few hundred dollars for individual rockets, to several thousand for a professional display incorporating your choice of colors, and choreographed to music.  Videos of the display are available to share with those who cannot attend the service.

Celebration of Life: What a Wonderful World

Imagine for a moment celebrating a loved one’s life with a fireworks display such as this one orchestrated by Celebration Fireworks, Inc. (music by Louis Armstrong):

What A Wonderful World.

I grew up going to a lot of funerals – I never could have imagined fireworks in relation to memorializing a loved one.  We lived in a small town with a large extended family, and great-aunts and uncles and their friends and neighbors provided a steady stream of funeral services.   The funerals were mostly all the same somber affairs no matter what the church denomination.  We collectively mourned together in the church, followed by a graveside service and burial (rain, shine or snow).  Then we met back in the church basement and shared stories and quiet laughter over cheese sandwiches and casseroles.

This was the Midwest, though, and a snapshot of how we mourned in the ‘60’s. Today, however, people choose to celebrate the lives of their loved one, as well as to mourn his or her passing. Whether choosing interment or cremation, families and friends plan memorial services that reflect the loved one’s life.  Slide shows, music, fly rods, golf clubs, autographed baseballs and war medals are ways to celebrate or honor a life, and what gave it meaning.   

Fireworks offer a spectacular, unforgettable way to celebrate the life of a loved one and memorialize his or her passing. It is an unusual, spectacular way to say goodbye that will be remembered by everyone.

Linda Banks provided extended end-of-life care for her beloved Aunt who was like her mother. When her brother suddenly died, she was instrumental in orchestrating all of the details of his final wishes to be cremated. Linda has been an active blogger for ten years, including blogging about Willie Nelson and his family. Willie told her recently that he reads her blog every day.  


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