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Biodegradable cremation urns have become increasingly popular as people look to leave a small and green footprint after passing away. There are biodegradable urns for sea burial as well as biodegradable containers for ashes that are meant to be buried on land. In each case the urn will deteriorate and naturally disperse the cremated ashes contained within.

The materials used to make biodegradable urns are all natural. Our biodegradable containers for ashes are made of corn, special papers, salt, grasses such as bamboo, wood, vegetable gelatin and even sand. Because these materials are so pliable you will be amazed to find that the collection of bio urns are so creative.

For instance, there is the very popular sea turtle urn that when launched into water disintegrates and gently sinks. The elegant, banded round quartz, which is comprised of gelatin and crushed quartz, will also dissolve when placed in water. There are so many unique and heartfelt urns to use for your biodegradable burial ceremony whether it be on land or on the water.

Many customers ask about a loved one's ashes planted with a tree. The Acorn Biodegradable Cremation urn is quite popular in the UK where they have a few hundred burial parks. The Acorn is manufactured to a high standard of green certification to meet UK requirements and is often buried near a tree. Another popular tree growing urn is the Bios Urn which contains the seed of a tree and the proper soil to make growing a tree with cremation ashes possible.

Whatever you or your loved one’s wishes are, you will find our collection a biodegradable urn will give you many options to consider.

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