Unique Ash Scattering and Storage Ideas

Deciding what to do with a loved one’s ashes can be confusing and difficult. Some families choose to store cremated remains at home, while others may choose to scatter the cremains in a special way on land, in the air, or at sea. This planning guide will provide plenty of inspiration for unique ash storage ideas and unique ash scattering ideas.

OneWorld Memorials has years of experience supplying the highest quality urns and cremation keepsakes. With our help and a little planning, you can send your loved one off in a significant way.

Unique Ash Storage Ideas

There are a wide variety of unique ways to store ashes at home or in a place of significance to the deceased. With a lovely cremation container, you can display your loved one’s ashes on the fireplace mantle, a tabletop, a bookshelf, or anywhere you please. If the thought of passing your loved one’s cremation urn every day is too painful, you can preserve the memories in a variety of meaningful ways.

Cremation Art: Art made from ashes is a relatively new memorial concept, but the result is absolutely beautiful. With a small amount of your loved one’s ashes, artists can create glass paperweights, glass figurines, oil paintings, lamps, sculptures, vinyl records, bullets, hourglasses, and so much more.

Cremation Jewelry: Bracelets, necklaces, and pendants are designed to hold a nominal portion of ashes, making them the perfect choice for families that might like to distribute the ashes between family members.

Memorial Garden: Did your loved one have a passion for nature? You can grow a tree from your loved one’s ashes in what’s known as an eco-friendly tree urn. These urns are biodegradable and environmentally safe. Plus, they are an affordable alternative to permanent urns and will provide a place of remembrance that family members can visit.

Stuffed Toy Keepsake: To some people, an urn can seem too formal or insincere. If you have young children, they might love the idea of a stuffed teddy bear that doubles as an urn. These stuffed toys can be cuddled and hugged, which might be quite comforting in the wake of a recent loss.

Unique Ash Scattering Ideas

If your loved one requested to be scattered, you might find the sense of finality and peace required to overcome grief by choosing a significant location for the ash scattering ceremony. Casting, trenching, ringing, and raking are the four most popular scattering methods, but we found a few unorthodox ideas for you to consider.

Mountaintop Retreat: Some people find solace in the notion that their loved ones are so close to the heavens. If you decide to scatter your loved one’s ashes on a mountaintop, it’s important to double check any local or state park rules to ensure compliance or the necessity for permits.

Road Trip: Do you and your loved one have any unfinished business? Rather than choosing a single place to scatter your loved one’s ashes, scatter the ashes in a multitude of places by taking a road trip with your loved one’s remains.

Seaside Release: If your loved one had an affinity for the ocean, fulfill final wishes by scattering his or her ashes at sea. Boats and planes must be at least three nautical miles from the shore and ashes must be scattered in water at least 600 feet deep, according to EPA requirements.

Sky Scattering: With the help of a plane or a helicopter, you can fulfill your loved one’s dream of being scattered in the sky. Adventurous and free-spirited people might like to up the ante by going skydiving one last time with a loved one. Rather than dwell on grief, celebrate your loved one’s life by sending his or her cremains into the air as part of a firework. Think of all the brilliant colors and smiling faces as your loved one lights up the sky.

If you have any questions about our collection of unique ash scattering ideas and storage options, please contact us today to speak with a customer service representative for additional information.

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