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Dear Shoppers & Friends, thank you for visiting OneWorld Memorials. On our site you will find cremation urns for all your intended purposes. Whether you wish to to keep the ashes, bury the ashes, scatter ashes, wear the ashes with cremation jewelry, or maintain a little bit of ash in a special keepsake, you will find the right cremation memorial product to meet your need on our site.

The various types of urns include cremation jewelry for wearing, cremation urns for humans, cremation pet urns, keepsakes that hold ashes and urns for burial such as marble urns, urn vaults and many kinds of biodegradable, eco-friendly urns.

OneWorld Memorials carefully hand selects those urns from manufacturers that create products to a standard we feel you want. Our memorial products posses the quality our customers feel proud to use in the memory of a loved one. We also develop and design exclusive products that reflect exceptional beauty and value that our customers hope to find while shopping online.

Our online catalog includes cremation urns made of metal, ceramic, wood, marble and various biodegradable and eco-friendly materials. Our cremation jewelry is made by one of the finest manufacturers in the industry with a long track record for durability and styling. We have keepsakes for preserving a small amount of ashes enabling relatives and friends of the deceased to keep a beautiful memento of a loved one. And, we have sympathy gifts that compliment the traditional food or flowers, but allow for a personalized expression. We believe in our products so much that we stand firmly behind a 100% guarantee and will issue you, hassle free, a full refund on your purchase if not satisfied.

Once you place an order our staff works hard to ensure everything is perfect. We hand inspect each product before it goes out and our shipping people make sure your new product will be shipping without incident and on time.

Most importantly our staff loves to help people. Having experienced caregiving and loss in our own lives we want to do all we can to make your purchase simple and heartfelt. From time to time things happen and you need to speak to someone. We encourage our customers to call for our assistance and we're delighted each time we have a chance to speak with you and rectify any difficulty you may encounter with a product, the shipping or any other aspect of our interaction with you.

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