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Memorial Keepsake Options

When the loss of a loved one is still new or painful to bear, it can be a comfort to keep tokens of remembrance close by. Memorial keepsakes can take the form of any object that holds special significance and reminds you of your loved one or the unique relationship you shared. Read our guide today to learn more about the memorial keepsake options available to you during this difficult time.

Memorial Keepsake Options

Although loss is an unfortunate reality of life, we all grieve in unique ways as we learn to live in the world in which those we love and cherish are no longer here. Whether you have or someone you know has recently suffered a loss, such a painful experience can be eased through a familiar or commemorative object. Memorial keepsakes take many forms, and our guide will provide insight into some of the most popular keepsake options that can help preserve memories.

Candles: The everlasting and natural warmth of a candle can be quite comforting after the loss of a loved one. Some people believe in the healing powers of light, while others believe that light is symbolic for the soul. Memorial candles have been used in many religious rituals, including ancient pagan rites, Christianity, yahrzeit ceremonies, and more. You can choose a memorial candle based on any aesthetics, beliefs, or passions of the deceased. Candles are often made of enamel, glass, marble, metal, and other materials. Some candles feature small compartments for ashes.

Clocks: Death often makes us reflect on time and how we use it. Heirloom clocks are designed to provide a unique and lasting way to honor a loved one. If you and your loved one enjoyed reading or crafting together even in silence, the tick-tock of a clock may be comforting and symbolic for the reliability of time or the preciousness of a moment.

Cremation Jewelry: Despite the ubiquity of cremation and scattering ceremonies, you might like to keep a nominal portion of your loved one’s ashes with you always. Cremation bracelets, necklaces, and keychains are designed to hold up to one cubic inch of cremated ashes. Urn pendants come with secure caps and kits, so you can fill them on your own and share your loved one’s ashes with other family members or close friends.

Memory Boxes: These containers are used to place all those little tokens, trinkets, and treasures in one convenient place for the family to enjoy and share. Memory boxes can be made of metal, wood, or any material. If your loved one liked to work with his or her hands, you might use a toolbox to stow favorite photographs, old tools, and other artifacts that will help the memories live on. Memory boxes can also be used to keep the deceased’s documents safe.

Photo Frames: These small photo keepsakes provide a lifelike memorial that will make your loved one’s absence a little less painful as each day passes. Frames can be as simplistic or as elaborate as you desire, and some can hold a nominal amount of cremated remains. Capacities range from one cubic inch to as many as 275 cubic inches.

Sculptures: Figurines and statues have long been used to commemorate venerated members in many cultures and communities. If you recently lost a pet or cherished companion, a memorial sculpture might comfort you and remind you of their everlasting presence. Some cremation urns take the form of lifelike animals, and others can relate to one of your loved one’s hobbies or passions.

Stuffed Animals: Urns can sometimes seem too formal or insincere. Stuffed animal keepsakes provide a tangible way to commemorate the deceased. Teddy bear memorials are popularly used to honor infants and young children that have passed all too soon. Some plush keepsakes double as urns and can hold a nominal portion of ashes.

Wind Chimes: Soothing sounds have been proven to promote peace and relaxation. Memorial wind chimes are an excellent option for anyone who’s loved one appreciated nature, music, or the simplicity of a nice breeze. Each time your hanging memorial chimes, it can be comforting to think that your loved one is saying hello. Wind chimes come in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from. Some chimes are designed to hold a nominal portion of ashes as well.

On a personal note, we are committed to our customers and doing everything we can to be of service during this difficult time. If you would like any assistance in shopping for a memorial keepsake that will preserve the memories of your loved one, please contact us today.