Memorial Glass Keepsakes - Add Your Loved One's Ashes

OneWorld Memorials cremation keepsake glass artworkOneWorld Memorials has partnered with a world class glass artist to bring you one of a kind cremation keepsakes to hold a small portion of cremated ash. 

These handmade memorial glass treasures are created by embedding the ash of your loved one into the glass. Choose the glass cremation keepsakes you would like and select the colors. Your ashes artwork is then carefully delivered to you within 4 weeks. OneWorld Memorials has designed this process to be easy using a careful control system so your precious cremains are identifiable every step of the way.

What should I expect during the ordering process?

  • After placing your customized order, OneWorld Memorials will mail you instructions and a kit on how to send the cremated ash to our artisan. 
  • The kit includes several items that make collecting and sending the cremains as easy as possible: a small plastic container with a lid, a disposable spoon, an instruction sheet, a color selection swatch, and an envelope.  An invoice and receipt of your order will also be included. 
  • You will need to go to your local post office (USPS) to inform them of the cremains and pay for shipping. This is integral in making sure your package does not get lost in the mail.
  • The artist will return a completed glass keepsake in 4 weeks.
  • Refunds only available if the supply kit is unused and returned to OneWorld Memorials. No exchange, or return, of completed keepsakes. In the unlikely event that your keepsake does not arrive or arrives damaged, a refund will be issued at the discretion of OneWorld Memorials.

Once the ashes are received by the artist, the spectacular and age-old tradition of glass blowing will begin. The ashes of your loved one will be integrated into glass with great amounts of precision and skill. The clarity of the ashes will vary from piece to piece. After 4 weeks, your piece will be promptly mailed and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your one of a kind glass keepsake.

How is each glass keepsake made with ash?
Once the ashes are received, the artist carefully sifts a small amount onto a metal plate. 2100 degree glass is then gathered out of the furnace, onto a rod, and the molten glass is rolled over the ashes on the metal plate.

The glass is then allowed to cool slightly before more molten glass is gathered over the ashes, which encases the ashes inside the glass.

Once the piece is completed, it is placed into an oven to cool and strengthen for 24 hours before being shipped to you.

Why are there bubbles in my cremation ashes in glass keepsake?
When ashes are added to the glass, sometimes they create uniquely patterned bubbles that encapsulate the ashes. These bubbles contain carbon dioxide (CO2) gas and are created by a chemical reaction between the glass and ashes. Depending on the ashes bubbles may or may not form. This is completely natural.

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