Memory Boxes Guide

Memory boxes are becoming quite popular as a means to preserve the memories of loved ones that have passed on. A memory box is a container where you place photos, possessions and ephemera of the departed so you can open the box and hold items to remember them by. These boxes are often beautifully crafted whether they be plain and understated or ornate. Many boxes are made from wood, though any material will do, depending on what is appropriate for you and your loved one. These boxes can be used to place all those little tokens, trinkets, and treasures in one convenient place for the family to enjoy and share. In this memory boxes guide, we compiled several ideas and tips for you to consider while making your own collection of mementos.

Memory Boxes Guide

There are a variety of ways to memorialize your loved one, and this guide will provide the inspiration you need to start shopping for or making your own memory box today.

Capturing a Personality: Was your loved one fun and lively or quiet and contemplative? Your personalized memory box can contain any artifact that reminds you of the adventures, passions, and relationship you shared. Collect cards from anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or holidays. Keep track of handwritten notes or letters. Store recipes and a few receipts from favorite restaurants, tickets from movie theatres, or other places you two liked to go to together.

Choosing a Style or Theme: Memory boxes can be as unique as the person and the recollections they are designed to preserve. A box can even take on a passion or hobby of the deceased. If your loved one was a mechanic or an avid fisherman, a toolbox or tacklebox might be more meaningful than a traditional urn. Avid readers might like the idea of being preserved in a favorite book. Hollow out the pages to add a few trinkets, or put photos and bookmarks in the pages.

Including the Details: One of the greatest things about memory boxes is that they can contain whatever your heart desires. You might use your loved one’s memory box as a means to keep birth certificates, social security cards, IDs, driver’s licenses, or name tags safe, or you can store diaries, journals, and newspaper clippings from important dates. The box can be as much for utility as it is for visiting those memorable moments with your loved one.

Personalizing with Photos: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We can think of no better way to honor your loved one’s memory than with a collection of photos that represent momentous occasions, pivotal events, and candid moments. You can stow small photo albums in your memory box or print a photo on the lid.

We hope that we’ve given you plenty of inspiration to start your own memory box. Just remember, the memory box may be about your loved one, but the items within are for you. Make it personal for both the living and the one who has passed away, and keep it close by.

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