3 Questions to Consider When Choosing a Memory Lamp


Memory lamps’ increasing popularity solidifies them as a preferred gift for any occasion.  In lieu of sympathy flowers, memory lamps provide a lasting presence and message of your caring. They are appreciated as a gift for a birthday, new baby, wedding, new home, and anniversary to name a few occasions.

A memory lamp's glow illuminates memories of a loved one now gone, or brings a smile for the celebration it honors. The lamp’s warm light evokes a sense of hope, comfort, renewal, and joy. Tasteful and thoughtful designs make memory lamps a uniquely expressive gift, and a wonderful addition to a room’s ambience. 

Memory lamps are available in an assortment of colors, sizes, prices, designs, and themes. The following information will be helpful in finding the lamp that feels just right for the recipient and the occasion. Specifically, we’ll explore three questions


  1. What is the purpose or intended objective of the lamp?
  2. What type of lamp fits the occasion, the person, the room?
  3. What price fits your budget or intention?

1.  A memory lamp – purpose, effect, intention

Memory lamps offer a variety of possibilities in gift giving. They can be given as gifts for many different occasions. Their function provides ample light in various styles.

  • Gifts – as a meaningful gift they convey an intention of sincerity, sympathy, well-being, or celebration. Think of any occasion, and a memory lamp is appropriate. Consider just a few, such as:
    • birthday
    • wedding
    • new home
    • anniversary
    • celebrating a new baby, or
    • “just because”

Many vendors offer the option to include a gift card when checking out. Gift wrapping is usually available for a nominal charge.

  • Home décor – we’ve received comments that the effect of a memory lamp is “absolutely beautiful,” “warm and serene.” Purchase them as an accent to a room, and choose by color, style, theme, size or cost.
  • Cremation urns – a memory lamp can serve a dual purpose, both as a lamp, and as a keepsake cremation urn. Several memory lamps are equipped with a discreet compartment at the base to hold a small portion of cremation ashes. Joann, who purchased the Tiffany-style pink cremation lamp said, “Makes me smile to know I have my little buddy home and in a beautiful lamp.”

2.  What type of memory lamp fits the occasion, the person, or the room?

Various themes or styles, sizes, and shapes are available. If you're choosing the lamp as a bereavement gift, consider (1) the grieving person and his or her style, or (2) the loved one who has passed away and his or her passion, hobbies, or style.

Likewise if you're choosing the lamp as a gift for a celebration, consider the recipient's tastes and preferences.

Color – Stained glass and Tiffany style memory lamps, such as the butterfly memory lamp, are multicolored. Others, such as the teal lily, come in a specific color. Teal, gold, clear glass, pink, red, and white are some of the select singular colors represented.

Size of the lamp 

  • table lamps comprise the most popular memory lamps
  • floor lamps make a wonderful gift for new homeowners
  • night lights that plug right into your wall outlet are also available (perfect for a new baby’s nursery).

Theme or style of the lamp – A memory lamp can be chosen as a meaningful gift that expresses your love, your sympathy, or your joy. Additionally, it can be chosen with a recipient’s home and particular room in mind. The gold cherub memory lamp is a sweet addition to a baby’s room, for instance.

Some of the most common themes are lamps adorned with:

  • animals, including butterflies, turtles and birds;
  • flowers such as sunflowers and lilies, rose, iris, and poinsettia;
  • nature scenes such as a hummingbird with a flower; and
  • religious lamps such as the amber cross sympathy lamp, and the angel memory lamp.
Styles of lamps include:

    Tiffany-inspired lamps made by hand with beautiful pieces of colored glass are our most popular lamps. The Modern Tiffany Hurricane Lamp is crafted with over 200 pieces of glass and fits a contemporary design. The lovely Blue Allistar Tiffany-style Memory Lamp features Fleur-de-Lis and seashell motifs.

    Hand-blown glass oil lamps make a unique gift. The artisan lamp is available in several combinations of two vibrant colors, such as a Blue and Gold oil lamp. The hand-blown glass emits a gentle glow from the wick, and is a perfect alternative to a candle.

    3. When price meets your budget and a memory lamp meets your needs

    Memory lamps span the spectrum of cost beginning with very affordable lamps. Many of the table lamps typically fall between $45 and $100, though you can expect to spend more on Tiffany-inspired memory lamps.

    Expect to pay around $270 for a floor memory lamp.

    The best bet is to figure out how much you want to spend first, and from there determine the style and size. No doubt the lamp you choose will add beauty and glow to a room.



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