How Much Do Cremation Urns Cost?

Options abound in the retail world of cremation urns. Customers looking to purchase an urn have dozens of styles to choose from in an array of materials and at a whole range of price points. Customers often choose an urn because of its aesthetic appeal, the material the urn is made of, where the urn will reside and the price of the urn itself.

So, how much do urns cost? Several variables affect the cost of cremation urns, including the material from which the urn is made, the size and type of urn, the purpose for which it will be used and the style. Where you buy your urn also matters, as purchasing from a funeral home after a death can be one of the most expensive options, while purchasing an urn from an online retailer can save you a significant amount of money. This is due to many factors, but it points out the importance of shopping for urns before or after a loved one is cremated.

OneWorld Memorials offers a range of cremation urns at a variety of price points. Our prices are a fraction of what you can expect to pay at a funeral home without compromising quality. If you're considering cremation, here is an overview that provides a frame of reference when shopping for an urn.

Urns - Materials

Urns are available in many materials. Each material has its own distinctive aesthetic qualities and durability. As a result, the cost of urns of different types can vary. Listed below are general and approximate price ranges within each category of materials for urns offered by OneWorld Memorials. The significant range of cremation urn costs within a category can be traced to size, style, origin and whether the item is handmade. This chart will give you an idea of how much urns of each material cost, so you can start narrowing down your selection.

Cost of urns by material

*Scattering urns are often made of recycled paper, lightweight wood, ceramic or metal.

**Biodegradable materials include paper, salt, corn starch, plant-based materials and sand, to name a few.

***Cremation jewelry's price range reflects the differences in the price of pieces made in gold, sterling silver, titanium or stainless steel.

You can expect the cost of cremation urns to go up when they are made from premium materials, whether you're buying an urn or cremation jewelry. For example, a 14K gold cremation pendant, such as the Yellow Lattice Heart urn, costs $2,000. In comparison, the Sterling Silver Heart pendant is around $299. A stainless steel Tree of Life cremation necklace will cost less than a pendant made of precious metals and comes in at approximately $70. This price differential is most notable in cremation jewelry, but many high-quality materials exist for other types of urns.

Urns for Ashes - Sizes

Another aspect that affects the cost of urns is the size of the urn itself. Urns are sized by their capacity in cubic inches, which correlates to the amount of cremains they can hold. To estimate the amount of cremains you will need to house, you can use a simple equation:

1 lb. body weight = 1 cubic inch

Based on this, one example would be that an individual that weighed 200 lbs. prior to cremation would require an urn with a total volume of 200 cubic inches or more.

Size has some effect on the cost of cremation urns for humans, although less so than other factors such as material. Keep in mind that a smaller urn may be more suitable if the ashes are divided. For example, our wide selection of keepsake urns is ideal for storing a small amount of ash.

Sizes available for human urns (on our site) are:

  • Extra small urns - max of 25 cubic inches
  • Small urns - 26 and 50 cubic inches of cremated ash
  • Medium - 51 and 130 cubic inches of ash
  • Large - 135 - 400 cubic inches of cremated ash
  • Companion Urns - 400 cubic inches and upwards

For example, the large Rose Bouquet Hand-Painted ceramic cremation urn has a capacity of up to 200 cubic inches and costs $159.95. The similar Rose Bouquet Cremation Keepsake is a much smaller urn made of ceramic. Notice on the product page that it holds up to only ten cubic inches and costs $39.95. This distinction is important for obvious reasons, but one not so obvious. You will find that some ads running for urns have very low prices. Some people fail to check what the capacity is and end up getting an urn that is too small, leaving them in a tight spot and having to quickly purchase a replacement urn. The size of an urn is one of the less negotiable aspects when it comes to price, and it is important to purchase an adequately sized urn. When you look at the full-capacity urn and start selecting larger models, the price can go up quite a bit, so keeping the minimum size requirements in mind during your purchase can make a significant difference.

Cremation Urns for Ashes - Type and Purpose

The ultimate use of a cremation urn plays a large part in determining how much urns cost. If a family decides to divide ashes equally, a small memorial or keepsake urn for each portion usually suffices. For example, our cremation pendants and mini keepsake urns are ideal for dividing ashes and distributing small amounts to close friends and family.

On the other hand, if someone wishes to display a durable, large urn in a columbarium, a large marble or stone urn might be a better choice. The price of many of these urns includes a short personalization or engraving. If the urn of your choice does not include engraving in the price, it can sometimes be added for an additional fee. We also offer engraved urn pendants and urn bases with customizable plaques. Visit our help center for more information about the engraving process.

Think about how you plan to store and display the urn to find the right size and materials for your needs. We also offer a simple guide to help you choose the perfect urn for your needs.

Listed below are urn types by purpose, along with common materials used. For an idea of the cost range for each urn type, refer to the table above listed under the "Materials" section.

  • Urns for burial, also known as funeral urns or burial urns, are often buried in cemeteries or placed in columbaria. They can also be used for green burials in earth and water. Funeral urns include biodegradable urns and wooden urns for earth burials while marble, stone and metal urns are appropriate for columbaria or long-lasting burials.
  • Some families prefer to keep a memorial cremation urn displayed in the home and consider what would look pleasing in that setting. Ceramic, wood, metal, marble and stone are popular choices for personal memorials. These types of urns typically feature decorative designs. In addition, memorial urns are often used to display at a memorial service.
  • Keepsake cremation urns are smaller, designed to allow a portion of ashes to be kept in the home or shared among family members or friends. Keepsakes can be found in wood, ceramic, glass, metal, stone and marble.
  • Biodegradable urns are an eco-urn option, made to dissolve in water or decompose naturally in the earth.
  • Scattering urns are most often for temporary use, designed to be lightweight for compatibility with hiking, air travel or other modes of transport to the desired locale, and easy to hold when scattering the ashes.
  • Cremation jewelry holds a nominal amount of ashes in a pendant or bracelet to be worn as an accessory recalling the memory of a loved person or pet. Cremation pendants and cremation bracelets are available in stainless steel, sterling silver, gold and titanium.

Cremation Urn Styles

Cremation urns come in a variety of styles ranging from ornate and contemporary to simple. The style of the urn will be a determining factor in its cost. Generally speaking, the amount of individual attention and time involved in making an urn will be reflected in the urn's cost. For example, handmade urns that take more time to craft will be more expensive than plain, non-decorative urns. Compare the simple, elegant style of the Natural Cherry wooden urn, which costs $129.95, to the Gone Fishing wooden cremation urn, costing $524.95. Both are beautiful, and each one suits a particular style and budget.

Urns are available in many styles to match different tastes, personalities and purposes. Many people find it comforting to choose an urn that would have made the deceased happy, while others choose an urn that matches their décor.

When choosing an urn, there are so many options to consider: classic or contemporary, simple or detailed, traditional urn shape or a variation, a sleek wooden box urn or one with an intricately carved inset, an urn highlighting the natural beauty of marble or stone or one that features an illustration of a meaningful image or design or an artisan individually crafted urn.

Pet Urns

But how much does an urn cost for a pet? As with urns for human ashes, pet urns vary in price depending on the materials, size, purpose and style chosen. Pet urns are an increasingly common purchase after the passing of a beloved pet. Keeping the ashes of a pet in an urn allows you to bury the pet on your own property or keep it in your home.

Options of pet urns are decorated with pet-friendly motifs, such as paw prints, nature images, pet photo urns, statuary urns in the shape of cats and other pleasing designs. Because pet urns are sized differently than human urns, check the urn capacity (listed as "Capacity" on an urn's description page) for size.

Budget Considerations

How much to spend on an urn is often an emotional decision based on aesthetics and relationship with the loved one. However, with the wide variety and price ranges of urns, a suitable and beautiful urn can be found that meets any budget.

Added costs to consider are:

  • Engraving or other personalization - starts at $8.95 for a symbol. Prices vary depending on symbol or amount of text (note that engraving and personalization require an extra 2-3 days for shipping)
  • Shipping - detailed information is available on our Shipping Options. Below are a few basics but be sure to check details for such things as holidays, shipping days, and carriers.
  • Free ground shipping for all eligible orders in the US, delivery in 3-6 business days.
  • Expedited shipping starts at $19.95 and, dependent on location, 2-day delivery.
  • Overnight shipping starts at $39.95, based on location, weight and timing, calculated at check-out.

How Much Does it Cost to Bury Cremated Ashes?

Cemetery fees for burial can vary depending on various factors, including where you live. However, because plots for cremated urns are smaller than those for caskets, you can expect to pay less for urn burials on average. The average price for urn burials in the United States ranges from $500 to upwards of $5,000, depending on the state where the cemetery is located. While this is typically less than you would expect to pay for a traditional burial, it's still an important factor when budgeting for the cost of a cremation urn and memorial services.

You may also want to consider placing the urn in a columbarium instead of burying it - many cemeteries have columbaria available for the placement or display of urns which can act as a gravesite similar to a burial grave.

Though cost is a factor in choosing an urn, it need not be a limiting one. First of all, remember that a traditional burial with a casket would have meant spending many thousands of dollars. Some types of urns and cremation options can prove to be expensive as well. That said, you'll find at all the price points that satisfying choices abound, providing an aesthetically pleasing purchase that is a beautiful, respectful way to honor a loved one.

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