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The Mini Keepsake Urn

A mini keepsake urn is a small receptacle to hold a nominal amount of ash. Although they are also called a keepsake urn for ashes, the mini ash urns are designed to look like a miniature of a larger urn. The inspiration behind the mini urns was to offer a way for family members to have a token of the departed loved one to take home. Traditionally, one family member would keep the large urn, or the urn would be buried or housed in a columbarium. The min urns for ashes would be distributed so that all family members had a similar memento of their departed loved one. In some cases, the mini urns might have been left empty if the family felt not to disturb the main body of ashes.

There are countless numbers of keepsake urn styles created from a variety of different materials: stone, brass, titanium, marble, and sterling silver. These small urns for ashes are a great option if your preference is to keep ashes in several locations, or if you are just looking for something to hold personally.

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