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scattering urns for ashes

We are finding that more and more people are choosing to have their ashes scattered rather than kept. An ash scattering ceremony can be infinitely creative and intimate. Scattering urns for ashes are specifically designed for an ash scattering ceremony incorporating some features that are very helpful. The most important of these features are that the urn must be light and easy to hold. Light enough to carry on hikes or on long distances, and easy to hold so that the ash scattering can be done without it being a ponderous event.

Sometimes a scattering ceremony will take place quite a distance from home; maybe even in another country. Some people wish to become part of the earth, while other people want to be part of the sea. Some want their cremated remains to be scattered on a mountain and some desire to be scattered in their favorite park. These decisions are made entirely based on the uniqueness of each individual. Scattering ashes opens up the possibility to creating the perfect memorial.

Although any type of cremation urn can be used, you'll find that urns to distribute ashes are designed as a scattering tube, a box or a canister-like metal. Not only does the lightness of the urn allow for easy transportation on airplanes or hiking up hills, but it makes it that much easier to hold the urn and scatter the ashes.

OneWorld Memorials offers scattering urns and scattering tubes made of recycled paper, balsa wood, and even ceramic. We have many interesting and unique items you won't find anywhere else for your scattering memorial. Depending on the product you can recycle, bury, or keep the urn after the ceremony.

For ideas and on how to plan an ash scattering ceremony, you can read our article: Planning an Ash Scattering Memorial.

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