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How To Select the Right Size Cremation Urn

large cremation urnCremation urns hold the ashes of a loved one – perhaps the remains of a family member, a dear friend, a beloved, or a family pet. Naturally, we think of the urn as a final resting place. The wish and responsibility to honor the deceased often accompanies the practical aspects of choosing an urn, and it's a decision to be made with thoughtfulness.

“What size urn should I choose?”  -
A question our customers often ask

By exploring a few questions, the appropriate cremation urn size will become clear. Foremost, it’s essential the cremated remains fit in the urn. It is also important that the urn style supports the vision of the final resting place for the ashes. There are important questions to consider before determining the size.


Decide what you will do with the cremated remains.

Once you know where the urn will reside, you can then choose an urn by its capacity that correlates with the weight of the deceased prior to cremation. 
Extra small to extra large urns are available. To help you you determine the size:
  • Know the approximate weight of the deceased person or pet in order to select the correct size.
  • The industry standard indicates that one cubic inch of urn capacity is required for one pound of body weight. By way of example, a person weighing approximately 150 pounds will need a cremation urn of at least 150 cubic inches. 
  • Therefore, incorporate the weight of the deceased into this formula: 1 pound weight = 1 cubic inch.
  • Select the urn size by specifications of size in cubic inches. These specifications are listed on each product page.
Refer to our chart below for the capacity of each size. 


Blue Haven ceramic cremation urn



 The Blue Haven ceramic cremation urn is an example of an extra-small cremation urn with a capacity of 19 cubic inches, or is large enough to hold the ashes of a person or pet weighing up to 19 pounds prior to cremation.  



Cherry Ceramic small cremation urnThe ceramic Cherry Cremation Urn is a small urn and will hold the ashes of a person or pet weighing up to 50 pounds prior to cremation.

The Remembered Ceramic Cremation Urn has a capacity of 100 cubic inches, and is a medium sized urn. The capacity of medium urns is generally between 51–130 cubic inches. 

The Classic Bronze Cremation Urn is a large urn with a capacity of 190 cubic inches.


OneWorld Memorials provides detailed information about each of its cremation urns, including the size, or capacity, of the urn in cubic inches on each product page.  

Remember that an urn for ashes cannot be too large; it can only be too small. It is okay to have extra space in the memorial urn you select.

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