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display urns to keep ashes

What are cremation urns for keeping ashes and display? They are ash urns used to keep the ashes in tact and are often placed in an area where the urn can be viewed by others. Biodegradable urns or urns for scattering ashes, on the other hand, are intended to return the cremated remains to nature through scattering or burial. In keeping ashes housed in permanent cremation containers, and seated in an accessible area, allows for an easy visual and connection to the deceased. Some people may display the urn at home, in their office, or even outdoors. Sometimes such urns are not always on display for all to see; some human cremation urns are kept in a niche columbarium. Others may be placed in a private memorial area where only some are permitted. What each of these choices have in common is the preservation of the ashes in a long lasting vessel.

Cremation urns for display are often beautifully and artistically made. A cremation urn used for display is one that will not lose its form or structure due to natural elements, keeping cremated ashes safe and secure. Urns made of stone are very popular when looking for longevity. Marble urns and granite urns are very popular and are often handmade. The metal urns such as bronze cremation urns, aluminum human urns, or stainless steel, are good choices. Many wooden urns will also serve well as permanent urns for human ashes.

Permanent cremation urns come in many sizes. There are adult human urns that are a standard 200 cubic inches. The smaller sizes, are used as infant urns or baby urns. There are even large cremation urns designed to hold 2 people. To learn more about what size cremation urn you need, please read How Do I Select the Right Size Cremation Urn?

OneWorld Memorials has a wide selection of unique and traditional urns for sale. Whether you like the looks of a glass urn, urns made of stone, the natural beauty of wood, the elegance of ceramic urns or the timelessness of metal you will find an urn to match your ideal. Whether decide to display the urn publicly or privately, you are guaranteed a display urn that will be treasured as a beautiful and lasting memorial to your loved one.

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