Mini and Extra-Small Keepsake Cremation Urns

When a loved one passes, you want a way to remember how much they mean to you, especially if they did not want a traditional funeral with a burial site. A classic cremation urn works well for some situations, but not everyone needs a full-size container, especially for pets or when you share ashes among family members or friends. OneWorld Memorials™ has an ideal solution for commemorating a loved one that does just that: a keepsake mini urn. These small urns for ashes are perfect for those situations when a larger size isn't appropriate. Don't be discouraged by the petite package; these mini cremation urns feature the same top quality, decorative style and meaningful use.

What Are Keepsake Small Urns for Ashes?

Keepsake mini urns are very small sized urns for ashes designed to hold a nominal amount of cremains. Inside these small keepsake urns, you can also store mementos, such as a lock of hair or a name tag. Families often purchase several mini urns for ash sharing among parents, siblings, and children. Since many keepsake urns are designed to look exactly like a larger urn, usually one family member holds the full-size cremation urn, while the others have a smaller keepsake version.

While you can go with matching mini urns and choose a small cremation urn version of that larger urn your family selects, you can also choose what feels appropriate or meaningful to you. OneWorld ™™ offers non-traditional mini urns to express your taste or honor a loved one's memory. We have heart-shaped urns, artfully crafted boxes, and sculptural urns in a rainbow of colors and patterns. We also add new styles often, so it's always a good idea to check out our sale mini urns for extra savings as we make room for our latest arrivals.

Beautiful Mini Keepsake Urns

We offer one of the largest online selections of mini keepsake urns online, all with a best-price  and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our selection of mini urns includes brass, marble, sterling silver, stone, and aluminum with varying finishes. There are multiple accents to choose from as well, such as beautiful etched designs, mother-of-pearl inlays, and gorgeous opal Cloisonne designs. Choose a small urn that complements your home and its décor or pick a keepsake mini urn that features a design aligning with your loved one's lifestyle or special interests. We offer military- and patriotic-themed mini urns, urns with sea-inspired art, and floral options. Why so many choices? We want a selection that represents the uniqueness of every individual for a personal memorial that offers you comfort and holds special memories.

Every small urn can hold a small amount of cremation ash or another memento with a 3 to 20 cubic inch capacity. Small urn styles vary from boxes and traditional vase styles to statuary memorials with simple, classic, stately, modern or minimalist touches. OneWorld Memorials™ even has mini cremation urns that you can engrave with the name, dates, a tribute, or other form of memorial to make your cremation keepsake urn even more special. We offer in-house engraving services, so you can rest assured that from ordering to shipping, your mini urn is in caring hands. Please note that engraving will take an extra two to three business days to complete.

Alternative Memorial Methods

Not everyone likes a traditional urn style, and that's okay. Browse our mini urn selection for a memory box, picture frame or scattering tube to provide more than just a vessel that holds ashes. Memory boxes are popular items to memorialize a loved one. Some memory boxes are large enough to hold small urns along with other cherished objects or mementos. Some people have used their memory boxes to hold letters, photos, jewelry, a favorite pipe, crystals and so much more - all accompanied by the keepsake mini urn.

Creating a tribute to a lost loved one, whether human or pet, doesn't have to follow a traditional path. If you're planning on having an ash scattering ceremony, our mini scattering tubes are great options. They're lightweight, biodegradable, portable and attractive. These tubes are also easy to transport, so you can fly with them or take them to a secluded location that had special meaning for the departed or your family.

Your Source for Keepsake Mini Urns

Explore OneWorld Memorials™ to see our impressive selection of mini urns and keepsakes. We offer complimentary shipping on orders over $100 in the contiguous United States. We also have a faster delivery option available for a small surcharge. If you have any questions about our products, our customization, or how to choose the right urn size for your needs, please contact one of our customer service representatives for further assistance. We look forward to assisting you with keepsake mini urns and other cremation memorial products as you navigate this difficult time of mourning.

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