Customizable Pet Urns To Honor Memories

Few relationship bonds are quite as close or strong as those pet owners have with their pets. When these beloved companions pass away, you can celebrate your time together and how much they mean to you with a pet urn for ashes. OneWorld Memorials™ has a selection of personalized pet urns as large as your love for your cat, dog or other animal. With a range of sizes and styles from which to choose, you can find the perfect urn to remember and honor them.

Styles That Speak to You

People appreciate having such a large selection of pet urns because everyone has different tastes, decors and budgets. We offer custom pet urns in classic urn shapes, but we also have pet cremation keepsakes, photo memory boxes and even scattering tubes for spreading your pet's ashes at one of their favorite settings. Look for metal, ceramic, marble and wood options that fit beautifully with your design aesthetic.

Customization Made Easy

OneWorld Memorials™ understands the challenges of balancing grief with celebrating happy memories. Not only do we have an impressive assortment of engravable pet urns in different materials and styles, but we also take the stress out of personalization. When you select a pet urn, you can add text in your choice of font, a stock design of a particular breed or an engravable pendant that hangs around the urn or keepsake. We have an experienced in-house engraver on staff, and customization often only takes a day or two.

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