Everlasting Cremation Heart Keepsakes

When you lose someone close to you, whether a spouse, family member, friend or pet, you may feel like your heart is broken. One way to feel that connection after they pass away is by keeping some or all of the ashes following cremation. If you want an option that expresses your bond with a more personal feel, consider a cremation heart keepsake from OneWorld Memorials™. Our collection of everlasting heart keepsakes for ashes offers a range of styles to fit your style and budget while honoring your loved one's memory. With petite heart-shaped urns and paperweights featuring sleek simplicity, decorative patterns and meaningful symbols to preserve their memory, you'll appreciate the varied selection of heart-shaped funerary products when you shop at OneWorld Memorials™.

What Are Heart Cremation Keepsakes?

Heart-shaped cremation keepsakes are small urns that are hand-crafted to symbolize the love you feel. Many people associate the human heart with love and compassion, so it's a popular choice for urns. It's been said that the ancient Egyptians were the first to realize the connection between the heart, life, death and even eternal life. Even today, people associate such a significant loss with heartache, so it makes sense that a heart-shaped cremation keepsake would be a popular choice. For each person who chooses a heart-shaped memorial product, the meaning remains something special and personal.

Pick Your Favorites to Preserve Their Memory

The cremation heart keepsakes at OneWorld Memorials™ are also small enough to travel with or easily hold in one's hand. Browse our unique selection of cremation hearts to see ornate floral patterns, religious symbols or simple metallic versions that are perfect for personalizing. We also carry keepsakes with finishes that simulate granite, marble or other gorgeous stone materials. Our cremation heart keepsakes are also a smart choice for sharing the ashes of a loved one or pet. These keepsakes have a discreet opening for stress-free filling to hold between three and five cubic inches of human or animal remains. We even include a complimentary stand for display.

Customize Your Keepsake with a Special Touch

Many of the heart-shaped urns in our collection lend themselves well to engraving. Many of our customers like the convenience and personalization of customizing an everlasting heart keepsake with a loved one's name, a meaningful date or even thoughtful words to inspire you. Our easy-to-use onsite engraving tool enables you to choose your font, place text and even select a symbol or stock image. You'll appreciate knowing that we have engraving in-house, and our customization only adds a day or two to your order processing.

Finding the Perfect Commemorative Keepsake

At OneWorld Memorials™, we are proud to offer cremation heart designs in addition to our full collection of urns, cremation jewelry and keepsakes. We also make your shopping experience easier by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a price-match guarantee. Explore our heart collection today to find the perfect way to commemorate your loved one and honor their memory. Shipping is complimentary on orders over $100, and 2-day shipping is available for a surcharge. If you have any questions about our products or services, please contact us online or call our customer care team at (833) 493-9105 today for more information. We look forward to helping you create a profound memorial to one who means so much to you.

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