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The cremation urn collection at OneWorld Memorials includes a selection of vessels for keeping, burying and scattering your loved one’s remains. Shop our collection for traditional and modern urns made of a wide array of materials, including engravable and biodegradable options that honor the joy and wonder your loved one brought into your life. Many options available will help you choose an urn that rekindles a memory, whether it is a floral motif that illustrates a love of gardening or a stately bronze hue that speaks to the simplicity or traditional life led. More modern options include picture frame urns that conceal cremation ashes behind a treasured memory and inscription.

Traditional Cremation Urns to Keep or Bury

While traditionally urns were kept by loved ones or placed in a vault, newer options allow you to honor your dear family member in what feels natural to you, such as burying or scattering ashes. Whether you plan to keep your loved one’s ashes at home, bury them at a gravesite or place them in a columbarium, an urn is the most traditional vessel for cremated remains. Browse our collection for a full range of urn sizes made from a number of materials, from wood to marble to metal to stained glass to mother of pearl. Biodegradable materials such as paper, sand and bamboo are lovely choices, even if you don't plan to bury the ashes for some time. Find unique styles that include a place for a photograph or custom engraved message to comfort you and your family alongside burial vaults designed to protect your urn from the elements. All our cremation urns and boxes include secure lids to preserve your loved one's remains for years to come.

Options for Scattering Ashes

Releasing cremated ashes into the beauty of nature can be a final gesture of freedom for both the departed and those grieving their loss. Browse our collection for scattering urns that add an elegant touch to any ceremony or gathering for this rite of solemn celebration. Our scattering urns feature lids that are easy to open to simplify the process. You can also find scattering urn sets that allow multiple family members or friends to participate.

Once the ashes have been spread in a place your loved one would have appreciated, scattering urns can be reused in a number of creative ways, including as a loving memento, a memorial vase or as a donation to those who cannot afford a personalized memorial of their own. It is another beautiful way to let your loved one live on in an altruistic act.

Biodegradable and Live Planting Selections

Honor your loved one’s commitment to a cleaner planet with biodegradable urns for scattering, burying or keeping their cremated remains. Find options made from sustainable and earth-friendly materials like bamboo, corn starch, paper, Himalayan salt and more that will break down over time without releasing toxins or other harmful substances. Choose biodegradable urns with live tree plantings to watch your loved one’s ashes live again in the form of a vibrant sapling. This option affirms the joy they found in nature while bringing you the joy of creating new life.

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