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Are you unsure of what cremation urn to select?

Browsing through all of the cremation urns for sale on OneWorld Memorials is a great starting point. Memorial urns come in many different designs and styles to serve unique purposes. There are many beautiful urns for ashes to choose from. Some are ideal to display and keep ashes, some work well for scattering ashes, while the biodegradable urns are popular for burial in the ground or in water.

Funeral urns for display are oftentimes made of metals, stone, wood, ceramic and glass. They are long lasting, can be easily maintained and come in many beautiful styles to reflect your needs and taste. Cremation urns for display can be placed on a shelf, mantle, or table in the home for viewing. Quite often people will bury a display cremation urn or house it in a niche columbarium.

Biodegradable cremation urns are environmentally friendly. A biodegradable urn is an excellent choice to honor a loved one who had a strong affinity with nature. Some of these urns can be placed in a body of water and will sink gracefully to the bottom to degrade naturally over time gently releasing the ashes.

Scattering urns are lightweight urns you use to carry the cremated remains to a location where you would like to have the ashes reside by sprinkling them from the container.

A wide variety of our cremation urns come in a standard adult size (approximately 200 cubic inches). The standard size urn is suitable for adults, both male and female. We also carry infant and child sized urns and companion cremation urns, memorials designed to hold 2 people. To learn more about what size cremation urn you need or how to tell the size in cubic inches from weight, please click How Do I Select the Right Size Cremation Urn?

The material you choose depends on what you hope to achieve: displaying, scattering, or burying. OneWorld Memorials houses a large collection of metal and ceramic urns. Our biodegradable urns are made of recyclable papers and other natural products, such as Himalayan salt and gelatin.

Here is an article with 4 questions you can answer that will make the selection process much easier: 4 Questions to Consider When Selecting a Cremation Urn

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