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6 Famous Felines and Choosing a Suitable Pet Cremation Urn

by Jerri Haaven, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Celebrant


Image by Predi*

I was never a cat person, that is, until I surprised myself. I longed for the companionship of a pet, but I didn’t want the responsibility that goes along with caring for one. I needed a pet that was somewhat independent. So I visited a homeless animal shelter where “Ollie” picked me as his pet parent. Ollie is a domestic short-hair Tuxedo cat who, after bringing him home, lived under my bed for the first several months. So much for companionship. Aside from my own dear cat, which will always be the best, here are my top six:

1) Cats have long been associated with individuality, independence, and even smugness. Many cats, because of their unique traits, have become quite famous worldwide. Perhaps the most notable, at least from my perspective, is Morris the Cat. Depicted in commercials for 9Lives cat food since the 1960’s, the finicky tabby purred his way into the hearts and living rooms across America.




    2) Grumpy Cat is easily my second choice. She rose to worldwide stardom due to her, well, her grumpy face! “Tardar Sauce,” as she’s known to her pet family, has been featured onOneWorld Memorials Pet Urns the Today Show, Good Morning America and even in the Wall Street Journal. Grumpy got her unique launch into stardom because of her cantankerous face that features her mouth puckered into a frown with an under bite.

    3) Stubbs, a residential tourist attraction, has been the focus of his town for more than 20 years. Stubbs boasts being the Cat Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska. And what if he had been OneWorld Memorials Ash Urns for Animalson the presidential ballot this year? He may have stolen our votes due to his purrrr-fectly wonderful policies of spending his days exploring the outdoors, chasing mice and birds, and getting his daily dose of catnip.

    4) Cartoons or animated films are a familiar pastime. Cats have been featured on television screens for years. My earliest recollection is Felix the Cat cartoon series. Felix
    OneWorld Memorials 6 famous felines - Felix was always on an adventure with his friends and his magic bag of tricks! Escaping the protagonist and eager to get their hands on the magic bag for their nefarious deeds, Felix and his friends entertained children for 20 years, beginning in the late 50’s.

    OneWorld Memorials 6 Famous Felines - Garfield5) And then there is Garfield. Who doesn’t love Garfield? A plump cat with an attitude, Garfield loves lasagna, teasing the dog and manipulating his pet parent. He has entertained both young and old alike since 1978, with no signs of slowing down.


    6) Cats aren’t always domestic. Lions have long been described as being the biggest cat of all. Disney productions used the majestic and powerful stature of lions in the blockbuster movie, The Lion King. The story line follows Simba, the main character, who is heir to his father’s throne. After he and his father are lured into a herd of wildebeests so that the wicked uncle of Simba can take over the kingdom, his father is killed. Heroic Simba escapes. He later returns as a regal adult, and takes his rightful place as the King of the Jungle.

      Pet cremation urns fitting for a famous feline

      So what would be most fitting for any of the great cats that have graced the earth once they pass and are cremated? When you combine the nurturing nature of a domestic cat with the fierce protective nature of a lioness, you get Basst the Cat Goddess. She is one of the most popular goddesses of ancient Egypt. Known for her powers of protection, this powerful feline is also referred to as Bastet, Basthet, Boubastis, Ubasti and Pasht. Egyptian gods and goddesses, like Basst, were depicted as a human body with the head of an animal.

      Due to the goddess Basst’s popularity, cats were revered. They often ate at the table of Pharaohs, and were adorned with jeweled collars. The death of a cat required a period of mourning and families would shave their eyebrows in respect. As a manifestation of Basst, cats were mummified and interred in temples near the temple of the Cat Goddess. Upon excavation of the temple, over 300,000 mummified cats were found.

      It’s no wonder that the Egyptian cat goddess Basst has emerged as a strong and nurturing symbol in the form of a Ceramic Cat Cremation Urn.

      If you’re not a fan of Basst, but you have a lovely feline to honor, consider a few other popular choices. The Cloisonné Cat Urn in blue or brown provides an artistic rendering. The Cozy Cat pet cremation urn represents the feline at rest in her most gracious pose. And pet cremation pendants, including the Black Cat Silhouette pet necklace, provide a way to keep a feline family member close to our heart.

      The choice to honor a beloved pet goes without saying. How to memorialize a pet in a fitting manner can only be decided once various options of memorialization have been explored. Our blog, “Pet Parents and How to Honor a Deceased Pet,” provides information on the topic, and avenues to support grieving pet parents.

       *Image can be found here:

      Jerri Haaven is a freelance writer, and a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Celebrant. When caring for her dad, who suffered from dementia and COPD, Jerri struggled with the negative side effects of his illness. She developed positive outlets to express herself and recover from her loss. Today as a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Celebrant, she uses her skills to help people who are in the midst of their own personal story of grief and loss.