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Ceramic Cat Cremation Urn - Bastet in Black Copper

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  • The Black Copper Bastetis a statuesque, warm crematory vessel for your cat's ashes.
  • The urn is made from low fire clay using a black glaze with glass pieces that melt in a random pattern, to give it a metallic undertone.
  • This cat urn is inspired by the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet.
  • Due to the handcrafted nature of this piece, each bastet cat urn may vary slightly from the one photographed.
  • For a permanent seal we recommend using 5 minute epoxy.
  • Engravablebase available for purchase separately.
Capacity: Ideal for a cat that weighedup to 30 pounds.
Dimensions: 8.0H x 3.75W. The opening is 1.75W.
Materials: Ceramic, glaze, copper.

The Ceramic Cat Cremation Urn - Bastet in Black Copper

Cunning, yet charming.
Goddess-like, mythical.

Bastet, also known as Bast, is the goddess of cats. As one of the most popular goddesses of ancient Egypt, she was the protector of Lower Egypt “ the fertile land of the Nile. She personifies the playfulness, affection, grace and yes, cunning of a cat. Sound familiar? Allow your beloved cat's remains to be protected in this unique pet urn, safe within the goddess Bastet's guardianship.

This regal, handcrafted pet memorial honors your feline friend by its graceful design. It will ensure the memories stay with you forever. You'll know that Bastet is watching over her.

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