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Stainless Steel Cremation Necklace - Crystal Bone

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SKU: TB-P1268

  • Stainless steel dog bone cremation pendant with clear crystal accents.
  • A beautiful memorial piece for your beloved pet.
  • An 18 silver chain is included. The ash is added through the twist top (see picture).
  • This necklace comes with information and supplies.
  • Not to be submerged in water.
Capacity: Nominal, less than 1 cubic inch. 
Dimensions: 1.4 Inches High x 0.5 Inches Wide.
Material: Stainless Steel
What evokes a more playful image than a dog and its bone? Chased and tossed in the air, buried for safe keeping, barked at, or playfully gnawed upon. Yes, a bone is a supreme delicacy, versatile and nourishing. This necklace that holds ashes is shaped like a bone, with a vertical line of crystals. Remember the sparkle in a special friend's eyes at the joy of a bone? Fetch favorite memories wearing this radiant pet cremation jewelry pendant. With the Stainless Steel Cremation Necklace “ Crystal Bone, those precious memories remain with you, close to the heart.
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