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Frost Blue Songbird Keepsake


SKU: 2766

  • The Songbird Keepsakes are handcrafted of brass with a threaded closure at the bottom.
  • Contemporary styled frost blue songbird keepsake for ashes.
  • Ash storage is located on the underside of this unique keepsake.
    There is nothing that combines the beauty and grace of nature quite like songbirds. In the spring, their song awakens the Earth and raises us from the darkness of winter. In summer and fall, they entertain us with their daily antics in the yard, the garden, and the woods. And in the depths of a snow-covered landscape, they offer us color and hope. Small keepsake urns, like the Frost Blue Songbird Keepsake, offer us a way to remember those we love and have lost. These songbird cremation keepsakes do so while bringing a bit of nature’s beauty with us, indoors.
    Capacity: Up to 5 cubic inches. Ideal for a body weight of up to 5 lbs prior to cremation.
    Dimensions: 5.0 Inches High x 3.0 Inches Wide.
    Material: Bronze
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