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Cloisonne Keepsake Candle Holder - Rose


SKU: C163

  • Rose pink cloisonne cremation keepsake for ashes.
  • Features baby pink tones with bronze accents to create floral designs with the fluidity of watercolor on pinkish white background.
  • Holds tea light candle.
  • Features a small chamber underneath where cremated remains can be securely held.
  • An engravable base is available for purchase to add a personal touch to the memorial piece.
Capacity: Nominal, less than 1 cubic inch. 
Dimensions: 1.9 Inches High x 3.0 Inches Wide.
Material: Bronze
This keepsake offers a perfect remembrance piece for families to light a candle in honor of their loved ones. The cloisonne art form allows for the floral design to be this soft and pleasing yet intricate, making it look like a moving image of pink flowers being blown around by the wind in a field.
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