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One Quiet Night CD Sympathy Gift



“One Quiet Night” features melodic, relaxing instrumental music. Each song was specifically selected by world-renowned stress management expert, Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D. to train the body’s energies for relaxation at the end of a busy day.

  • OneWorld Memorials is offering a special sympathy gift in the form of this instrumental CD.
  • A wide range of artists involved makes each instrumental piece unlike the last one.
  • A wonderful, soothing album that helps calm you after a long day.
Not intended to store cremated ash.
Dimensions: 4.7 Inches High x 4.7 Inches Length x 4.7 Inches Wide.
Material: Plastic


1. For You (John Mills) 3:05
2. As My Heart Desires (John Adorney) 2:51
3. This Moment Called Now (Manuel Imán) 3:29
4. River of Kindness (Stuart Hoffman) 4:20
5. Home (Ron Clearfield) 5:55
6. Nicky’s Gift (Lino) 3:10
7. Solace (John Adorney) 4:09
8. You Are Love (Nigel Holton) 6:21
9. Without a Word (John Mills) 2:59
10. Soliloquy (Ron Clearfield) 3:45
11. My Golden Mirror (Manuel Imán) 6:21
12. A Song For You (Stuart Hoffman) 3:30
13. Round & Round (Nigel Holton) 5:30
14. Hope (Eduardo del Signore) 3:30
15. A Potter’s Gift (John Adorney) 5:54
16. Nana (Ron Clearfield) 3:21

Total Time: 68:33

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