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cremation urns to scatter ashes

Ash scattering is a wonderful alternative to storing the cremated ash of your loved one. Many of these scattering urns come in lightweight box or tube shapes that contain no metal or plastic components. This allows for easy transportation in an airplane or even just mailing the urn. The designs on these urns are taken from nature, with a lot of beautiful landscape scenery and floral decor.

Many people choose to have scattering ceremonies take place far from home, such as in a special destination or a country that their loved one wanted to travel to. They may choose to scatter all the ashes or just some, keeping the rest in a cremation urn or cremation keepsake, and sharing with others. Other people may choose to separate the cremated ash and have close family and friends across the world scatter in their area. For ideas and learning about how to plan your own ash scattering ceremony, please read Planning an Ash Scattering Memorial.

OneWorld Memorials offers scattering urns and scattering tubes made of recycled paper, balsa wood, and even ceramic. Depending on the product you can recycle, bury, or keep the urn after the ceremony.

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