Cremation Urns and Scattering Tubes for Ashes

Scattering ashes may be a more meaningful way to honor your loved one or their wishes. Make this approach dignified and profound with scattering tubes for ashes. These ashes containers are often more lightweight and easy to handle, making the process easier for you and your family.

Marking the Occasion

Our collection of scattering tubes and urns for ashes features unique designs intended expressly for scattering ashes in private or at a scattering memorial ceremony. OneWorld Memorials™ even provides packs of scattering tubes, allowing friends and family to participate in the ceremony whether they live next door or across the country. We offer scattering tubes in different sizes to make dividing ashes possible, and some of our designs even reflect your loved one's passions for a personal touch.

Respecting Their Wishes

As cremation becomes a more popular choice over traditional and often expensive burials, some family members want to find meaning and dignity during the grieving process. Scattering tubes for ashes allows you to celebrate your loved one's life in a unique way. OneWorld Memorials™ has urns and tubes for spreading ashes in metal, wood or biodegradable paper to fit the formality or style of your service. We even offer pet scattering tubes and cremation urns to honor your most loyal friends. Feel free to reach out to our customer care staff with any questions about scattering tubes or other products we offer.

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