OneWorld Memorials offers sensible and modest religious urns for cremation ashes. There is a numerous selection of Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist themed products available to best suit your needs. The cross, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Joan of Arc, and the Star of David are famous symbolism that are rooted in one's faith. There are many religious connotations with angels being seen as messengers from God, communicating between the divine and the human. Angel wings are symbolic of soaring to new heights in life. Many of those of the Christian religion see the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. Each of these religious urns are permanent and allow for display in the home. Cremation jewelry is also a popular option as it is discreet and allows for the wearer to carry a small portion of ash from their loved one with them all day. An urn for cremation ashes will help carry on the memory of your loved one and your faith.

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