Medium Pet Cremation Urns

Pets are extraordinary friends. The loss of a pet can be as devastating as losing a human member of the family. Our selection of pet urns is carefully curated to reflect the special place a pet hold in our lives, offering a meaningful memorial tribute.

Cremation for pets has grown in popularity over the years, and this end-of-life option can honor the unconditional love you shared. We offer a wide selection of medium size pet urns to suit any memorial or display need, and our selection includes urns made of ceramic, metal, wood, and other materials.

Most of the urns in this selection are designed to hold pets that weigh between 51 and 125 pounds. Some are also ideal for housing two or more pets. Memorialize the special reflections of road trips, playing fetch in the park, or driving with their head stuck out the window, laughing with the wind. Many of the urns we offer allow you to add engravings, custom bases, or favorite photos, offering a wide selection from which to choose the perfect memorial.

Choosing the Right Size Urn

Sizing an urn for accuracy is simple. The general rule of thumb to follow is one cubic inch for every pound that the pet weighed while healthy. Each urn in our selection displays the approximate capacity in cubic inches, so you know what size will accommodate the amount of ashes you wish to store. Please keep in mind that capacities may vary. Our medium pet cremation urns vary in capacity from 51 cubic inches to 125 cubic inches. We recommend choosing an urn with more space than you think you might need. For more information, please read our article: How Do I Select the Right Size Cremation Urn?

Traditional Pet Cremation Urns

Our medium pet cremation urns are available in stone and several kinds of metal. Metal urns made from brass or pewter are extraordinarily resilient and will retain integrity whether buried or housed above ground. Marble is formed primarily from limestone, crystallized over millions of years through extreme heat and pressure. Marble is naturally a light-colored stone, however, it appears in many colors because of impurities present when the rock formed. Our marble urns come in every combination of colors and patterns and reflect the beauty found in nature.

Urns Made of Alternative Materials

Today, we have a broader range of options than ever before. In addition to unique ceramics and metals, our selection of medium size pet urns includes vessels made from bamboo, cherry, wood veneer, and other desirable materials. These urns are modestly designed and ideal for discreet burials or display in your home.

Photo cube cremation urns allow you to add up to three favorite photos to enjoy from any angle and feature a sliding panel compartment to hold your pet’s ashes. These urns also come with a bag and twist-tie to help make the process of transferring ashes that much easier. For more information, please read our article: Transferring Ashes to a Cremation Urn.

We wish to offer ease in your shopping experience with us and a bit of peace of mind during this difficult time. Please take advantage of our free ground shipping on all orders over $50 in the contiguous United States. Contact one of our customer service representatives if you have questions about our customization services or any other matter, we are here to help.

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