Mother of Pearl

OneWorld Memorials offers a dazzling selection of mother of pearl cremation urns and keepsakes. The contrast between mother of pearl and metal create eye-catching memory urns for ashes. In numerous cultures, high value was placed on mother of pearl. Today, some believe that it can heal as well as bring deeper faith, purity, and clarity. The process of obtaining and crafting with mother of pearl has not changed in centuries. Mother of pearl is a smooth and iridescent substance forming the inner layer of a shell, usually oysters. Even today, people scour beaches rich with shells and collect them to sell to local artisans. In their shops, the artisans carefully and meticulously hand cut the mother of pearl into uniform pieces. To create beautiful, vibrant mosaics on these mother of pearl cremation urns, the artisan applies each piece by hand with care and precision. By the time these memory urns for ashes reach you, you will find yourself holding truly unique products that embody nature's elegance.

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