Military & Patriotic

Honor the memory of a veteran and patriot with one of these well crafted, patriotic and military cremation urns, cremation keepsakes, and memorial flag boxes.

We at Oneworld Memorials appreciate the duty of every person who served in the armed forces. We have a number of cremation urns that give the respect deserved for the service, and the sacrifice. Whether they served the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force – or even the newly-created Space Force – your beloved veteran deserves the best, most affordable solution available. The collection derives from American patriotism with symbols such as the American flag and the eagle. Many of these military cremation urns are handmade from fine wood and granite. Some styles are even designed with a memorial flag box to place a folded flag. While we have an extensive selection of cremation urns for veterans, we also have a number of urns for patriotic Americans who appreciate showing pride for the United States of America. While we only offer the military seals for veterans, there are urns that reflect pride in the country. Some of these options are biodegradable cremation urns and are designed with modest, sentimental American symbols such as the Statue of Liberty. For a veteran, you may be eligible for assistance with cremation and burial. Read about VA Death Benefits to find out more. 

All gave some, some gave all.

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