Madelyn Pendants

The Madelyn Pendant Company has been in business creating fine memorial jewelry for ashes for nearly 30 years. Inspired by personal loss, the Madelyn team is known for their workmanship and consistency, producing high-quality cremation jewelry with fine attention to detail and the utmost care. The Madelyn Pendant Company offers a variety of memorial pieces to choose from, including pendants for ashes, necklace slides, rings and other jewelry for ashes. Madelyn products are considered of the highest caliber and every item comes backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for worry-free shopping. You have enough things to worry about, but when you choose a Madelyn Pendant Company piece, your memorial jewelry won’t be one of them.

Shop at OneWorld Memorials today for the best selection of premium Madelyn Pendant keepsake jewelry pieces. Order a necklace for yourself or a pendant for a friend, and keep the memory of a loved one alive. Each pendant, ring or other jewelry piece contains a chamber for a small portion of your loved one's ashes. The pieces can be sealed to maintain the integrity of the ashes. Shop at OneWorld Memorials with confidence knowing your new piece of Madelyn Pendant Company jewelry will become a long-lasting treasure of your loved one's memory.

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