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mini urns and hearts

Mini urn and heart shaped cremation keepsakes are elegant memorial pieces that were made to complement other cremation urns. Mementos can be traced back to the 15th century, but it wasn’t until Queen Victoria reigned in the 16th century that mementos began to evolve. In modern times, keepsake urns for ashes are a way to share the cremated remains among friends and family members in a way that is meaningful to each individual. These palm sized keepsakes can be shared during memorial services or each individual can select a keepsake that best reflects their fond memories and sentiments of love. Since they are considerably smaller than large urns, they are easier to hold close and discreet to place in the home or office.

If you are choosing to scatter your loved ones ashes or hold a green land or sea burial, keepsakes are a wonderful way to keep a small amount of ash with you without needing to purchase a large display urn or foregoing a scattering or burial ceremony.

These matching mini urn and heart cremation keepsakes are made of brass and marble, many can be engraved. Their shapes and designs depend on a larger, matching cremation urn, and can be kept together as a set or separated. Let your imagination and inspiration guide you on how to use these beautiful mementos.

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