There’s something special about handmade items. While many find comfort in knowing that no two handmade items are ever completely alike, there’s also something to be said about the time spent on the piece, being lovingly crafted into the finished product. OneWorld Memorials takes pride in handmade cremation urns, cremation keepsakes, and sympathy gifts, offering a large selection of these prized designs to choose from. Our handcrafted urns are sure to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to the recipient and make a fantastic final resting place for a special family member.

Handmade and Partially-Handmade

While some cremation urns are hand made by hand from start to finish, such as with many biodegradable and ceramic urns, others rely on a mixture of manufacturing and skilled craftsmanship, like cloisonne metal urns. These handmade cremation urns are made of a variety of materials: glass, ceramic, metal, wood, resin, sand, paper and marble. Regardless of whether you choose ceramic or metal handcrafted urns, your choice to purchase a handmade cremation urn helps artists continue their work for years to come so families just like yours can enjoy their elegant designs as a way of honoring a loved one.

Shop at OneWorld Memorials for the finest selection of handmade urns, keepsakes and other sympathy gifts. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on every order and fast shipping. For questions, comments or for help ordering, our sympathetic team of customer service representatives are always ready to assist you.

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