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The use of glass is ancient. There is evidence of humans using glass in its simplest form (obsidian) dating back to around 3500BC. Moving forward in time, archeologists have found glass vessels dating back to around 1500BC in Egypt and Mesopotamia. With glass having such a long history it has evolved in a way to be present throughout our lives. Today glass is used throughout the world for such things as our mobile phones to high tech home widows to wine decanters. The technology has developed to enable the manufacturing of stained glass and glass so strong it can rival steel.

The use of glass in cremation urns has also been around for a while and is an appealing option for many customers. Glass is such a flexible material to work with that the shapes, designs and colors. The strength of certain glass designs makes them as stable and durable as any metal urn.

Some of our glass urns also allow for engraving. Some of our glass urns also allow for engraving. For instance, our exclusive Red Rose Stained Glass Cremation Urn has a stained-glass panel that is supported by a tough high end resin encasing that is very easy to engrave. There is ample room to engrave long sayings or poems. There is ample room to engrave long sayings or poems.

Most glass urns would be impossible or difficult to engrave on the urn directly, but there are many other ways to personalize them. One popular option is the use of an engravable pendant that can be looped over the top of the urn. Another option is an engravalbe base. You will find these options available on the product pages before you put the item in the cart.

If you are looking for a cremation container and unique urn, consider a glass memorial product as a possibility especially if you are planning to keep the urn in your home or someone on display. All our items have a 100% no-hassle, money back guarantee.

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