Cremation Urns to Share Ashes

Similar to cremation keepsakes, these small cremation urns are often used to divide the ashes and share with others. Most small ash containers are larger than keepsakes for ashes and hold upwards of 75 cubic inches of ash. Some families want to purchase several urns for ashes to accomplish their desire to have similar urns at home but without having to spend as much as they would purchasing multiple full-size urns. Small urns are made just like their larger counterparts and come in all the same materials such as metal, ceramic, stone, wood and biodegradable materials. 

Variety of Styles Available

Small urns come in a variety of styles that are suitable for nearly any need. From tabletop rose urns to heart-shaped urns and beyond, we carry a full selection of the most popular shapes, sizes and styles to choose from. Some of our small urns may even be customizable, so you can add a line of text, a name, a date or a thoughtful epitaph. Shop for small urns at OneWorld Memorials and take advantage of our money-back guarantee on every order.

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