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What are cremation keepsake candle holders?

A cremation keepsake is a mini urn designed to hold a nominal amount of cremation ash or other small memento. These keepsake urns are then kept, and often distributed to others, as a small memorial tokens. The cremation keepsake candle holder is a form of keepsake that was designed to house a small candle to be lit. Something within us associates a candle’s soft glow with healing that approaches a sacred moment. Across cultures and throughout time, candlelight has been used during a time of grief and loss.

Various spiritual traditions around the world incorporate candles into mourning rituals to represent the light of the soul. For instance, in the Jewish tradition a Yahrzeit Candle is lit on the anniversary when a loved one passed. Irrespective of one's personal beliefs or faith, a softly lit candle is a healing remembrance of a life that brought so much joy and "light" into one's life. With a cremation keepsake candle a person can light a ritual candle within the same keepsake for ashes they hold dear.

In what materials and shapes can I buy keepsake candle holders?

The candle holder keepsakes come in different materials and shapes. There are candle keepsake urns made from marble, metal with cloisonné designs and from beautifully carved jadestone and resin. Each of these keepsakes are manufactured to hold a tealight candle. The keepsake itself comes in an oval shape for the marble and cloisonne versions, or rectangular for the jadestone. A very unique form of cremation keepsake candle offering is our Oil Lamp - Ash Keepsake - Light My Way which is made from handblown glass with a small portion of the cremated remains embedded into the glass candle.

Customers like to light their memorial keepsakes on a daily bases, periodically as the inspiration dictates, or on special occasions, such as an anniversary, or at a time of personal reflection and remembrance. They also make tasteful and heartfelt gifts of condolence.

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